Cops on the hunt: Do you know where your children are?

27 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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The news lemurs at are going to be following this one closely. The thug in question has already been stripped of his uniform, though no doubt we’re going to see a clown suit defense brought in.

Innocent until proven guilty and all that…

From The Journal News:

Prosecutor: Bubaris spoke of ‘hunting’

A former Mount Kisco police officer accused of killing a homeless immigrant told a fellow officer that he had gone “hunting” for the vagrant and dropped him off on a remote road where he was later found dying, the prosecutor said yesterday during the opening of the homicide trial.

George Bubaris

George Bubaris

Exactly how victim Rene Javier Perez sustained his fatal abdominal injury is at the center of the high-profile trial, which will continue Tuesday in Westchester County Court in White Plains.

The prosecution said it will present autopsy evidence that Perez died from blunt-force trauma and that the injury – including a torn mesentary – was so severe that he must have suffered the fatal blow shortly before he was left beside Byram Lake Road in Bedford on April 28, 2007.

The lawyer for 31-year-old defendant George Bubaris, however, said during his opening that Perez, who was drunk, more than likely died from “self-inflicted, accidental” injuries sustained from stumbling hours before Bubaris and two other officers responded to his 911 call from a Mount Kisco laundry.


Perrone said Bubaris essentially admitted to the crime when he told Officer Edward Dwyer later that night that “I went out hunting or looking for Rene Perez” and “I found him and I took him up or down to Byram Lake Road.”

The next day, back at the police station, as news circulated about the 42-year-old’s death and as the homicide investigation began, Bubaris told Dwyer, “You’re the only one who knows, bro,” Perrone said.

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