Minarchists mock teh vote!

2 November 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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A very nicely done minarchist libertarian case against voting.

The author (YouTube page) writes at his blog:

You are being used. You are being exploited. You are a slave, and you are kept only comfortable enough so that you will not notice. You are regularly misled, propagandized, and all out lied to.

You, as a human being, are nothing but a faceless resource to the moneyed power structure that controls modern banking and politics. You are a drone, a pack-horse, a conspicuous consumer.

When you no longer can labour, when there is nothing left to strip mine, like Boxer in Animal Farm you are left to simply die in the fields.

I think you deserve better. I think we all deserve better. And I’m here to make sure that we get it.

This analysis resonates with me. I don’t agree with everything in the video, but it has plenty of merit nonetheless.

Hat tip to Talley.

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