Smerom k poddanstvu

22 November 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Since I’ve given so much attention to mockery of American politicians over recent months, here’s one for my Slovak friends, for a change:

Smerom k poddanstvu

Smerom k poddanstvu

Explanation: The photo is of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, leader of the ruling SMER party. The word smer in Slovak means “direction” or “way”, and thus the name the party gives itself is an attempt cast itself as “the way”. One of the party’s slogans is “Smerom k ľuďom“, which means, roughly, “By means of SMER, unto the people”. What is being given “unto the people” is not specified. Poddanstvo means “serfdom” in the medieval sense, and also carries connotations like “bondage”, “servitude” and “slavery” — at least according to the dictionary definition.

One does wonder, a bit, as to in just what direction Mr. Fico is looking in the photograph.


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  2. By Peter Kovar on 23 November 2008

    I laugh my ass of, thank you mike! 😀

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