“Beat up the neighborhood thug”: Israeli FM on Iran

3 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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The jolly swell preemptive-strike sabre-rattling from Israel against Iran seems to be snowballing. The hypocrisy of Israel painting another power in the region as “the neighborhood thug” would be laughable if the potential consequences weren’t more State-sanctified mass murder and the first deployment of nuclear weapons in combat in more than half a century.

From The Jerusalem Post:

‘Strike against Iran still an option’

The threat of military action against Iran in order to stop Teheran’s nuclear ambitions has not been taken off the table, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned on Tuesday, adding that a decision on how to end the Iranian nuclear crisis should be made now.

“Iran needs to understand that the threat of military action exists and has not been taken off the table,” Livni told Mks during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. “As long as that’s made clear, the need to use [military force] will be reduced.”

“The time for a decision is now,” she continued. “Weakness can be interpreted as a form acquiescence.”

“We are clarifying to every official that we meet, that in this region, either you beat up the neighborhood thug, or you join him, and the world needs to be measured by its action,” the foreign minister said.

“The day of decision is not the day of the bomb, and when they have the technology, but rather now,” Livni asserted. “Every hesitation on action against Iran creates an impression of [Israeli and international] weakness within Iran.”

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