Toms River, NJ-area taxpayers billed $350,000 for botched drug raid

3 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Just another isolated incident… and what better way for the clown suits to avoid culpability than just stealing more of the slaves’citizenry’s money to buy off the case?

From the Asbury Park Press:

Beaten in raid, man gets $350G


A Toms River man, who claimed he was in an apartment to measure for curtains when he was kicked and stomped on by law enforcement officers during a drug raid four years ago, has won a $350,000 settlement in exchange for the dismissal of his excessive force lawsuit, his attorney said.

Jon Caldwell, 54, suffered chest trauma and fractured ribs after law enforcement officers “put their boots on his neck and started beating him by kicking and stomping on him,” according to the lawsuit, which attorney Eugene Melody said was filed in September 2006.

The lawsuit contends that on Dec. 17, 2004, the then-Dover Township Police Department and the Ocean County Narcotics Strike Force were executing search warrants on a pair of apartments in the Park Ridge Apartment complex on Walnut Street. The raids were part of an ongoing investigation into the distribution of marijuana in the Toms River area, according to the suit.


“Several men in SWAT-type gear broke down the door to his apartment and tackled him, slamming him face first to the floor. These men, . . . members of the Narcotics Strike Force, put their boots on his neck and started kicking and stomping on him,” the suit states. “None of these men ever identified themselves as “law enforcement’ to Mr. Caldwell or asked him what he was doing in the apartment.”

After law enforcement realized Caldwell had nothing to do with the drug raid, they let him go, the suit states. The next day, Caldwell was admitted to Community Medical Center, Toms River, according to the suit. His medical bills total nearly $100,000, according to the suit.

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  2. By Mark on 25 March 2014

    Why the hell were they not fired and identifed to the public?

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