The still further education of Willow Kinloch

29 November 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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From the Vancouver Sun:

Victoria must pay tethered teen $30,000

Friday, November 28, 2008

VICTORIA – Willow Kinloch has been granted half of the $60,000 she won in a lawsuit after being tethered in Victoria police cells, with the payment of the rest hinging on an appeal of her case by the City of Victoria.

The city had applied for a stay, or suspension, of payment until the appeal is heard, perhaps sometime next spring. But Justice Mary Saunders of the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled Thursday that Kinloch is entitled to $30,000 now.

Kinloch’s case dates to 2005 when she was 15. A B.C. Supreme Court jury came up with the award earlier this year following a decision that officers had violated Kinloch’s charter rights.

Kinloch had been picked up by police in the downtown area for being drunk and was taken to police cells.

She spent about an hour screaming and banging on the walls before two officers tried to take her home to the apartment she shared with her mother.

The apartment intercom was broken and officers wouldn’t let Kinloch yell up to a window, so she was brought back to the police station. She did not want to return to a cell, and police described her as uncooperative. She ended up being bound at the ankles, tethered and left in the cell for four hours.

Kinloch is now in Thailand.

Here’s to hoping Ms. Kinloch is safe, given the unrest in Thailand at the moment.

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  1. 10 Responses to “The still further education of Willow Kinloch”

  2. By Sarah on 10 December 2008

    Better not act like a spoiled drunk brat in Thailand, Willow. The laws are a lot tougher over there.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 10 December 2008

    And how, precisely, ought one act when one is accosted by uniformed gangsters, bound, kidnapped, transported to a cage, subjected to verbal and physical abuse then hog-tied and left without food and water for hours, all for being possessed of a mental state (drunkenness) which of itself harms no other person? Grateful?

  4. By soundandfury on 2 December 2009

    Thank you, Mike , great reply.
    Saved me the trouble, because the cold, inhumane posts I read some days just cannot be left unanswered.
    Well done. Just an incredibly direct post which should make people think, but alas…
    Damn I wish I’d written it.
    What’s the penalty for plagiary up there? Tar and feathering?

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 11 June 2010

    @soundandfury: Plagiarize away, please, and see my copyleft footer.

  6. By Brad A on 30 December 2010

    That top comment was probably one of the un-named cops who did this. They go on websites that talk about their case and post disinformation ALL THE TIME here in Vermont. That top poster should think about how it is to be so small and weak at that age.

  7. By Stacey on 11 May 2011

    Why is is that everyone believes the worst of Willow, and believe the police, when there is noting on video to show the excessive behavior that the cops have indicated? And by the way, how can the cops not handle a 5’ft, 100 lb. girl without losing their temper? If they can not handle a teenager, who by the way is typical of many teens who drink at that age, what are they doing being a police officer at all? They are supposed to keep her safe, not get pissed off at the bratty way she is acting. I want to see the video of her kicking and hitting the wall for an hour, where is it???

  8. By Stephen on 27 February 2012

    I find it very depressing reading comments supporting the police incidents such as these. Yes, the child was drunk and troublesome but that hardly justifies the quite brutal treatment she received.

    Don’t tell me it was done for her own safety. Being tied up and intoxicated and left alone for several hours extremely dangerous. She could have choked and died. The officers who did that should have been prosecuted. I also take issue with those who say with such incidents, “well if she hadn’t have done so and so it wouldn’t have happed?” And so what? Does that absolve the police of their responsibility to behave lawfully and reasonably?

    If someone speeds through my village, does that entitle me to beat him up for breaking the law? Can I say “well if you hadn’t been speeding, your nose wouldn’t have been broken”? No. So why the hell do some people think that excuse works for policemen?

  9. By JR on 8 August 2012

    I agree with Sarah, she does seem to be a brat. She deserves absolutley NOOO sympathy! Im not saying she is a bad person but she isn’t the poster child of innocence. Sarah makes a very good point. In the west we are spoiled by the fact that when abuse like this happens he have a system of due process where we can bring this to justice. Try doing this in Thailad or Turkey or some Middle Eastern place.

    The fact that we can act so tough to cops is an indication that we still feel there is some avenue of justice flawed as it is. Do you think that Jews could have acted so tough like this brat to the Gestapo. I dont think so. Or dissidents in the old Soviet Union to the KGB?

    What these Canadian jackboots did was atrocious and evil but she is not a victim just stupid for not having anticipated this.

  10. By Mike Gogulski on 19 September 2012

    @JR: We call this sort of attitude “blaming the victim”. Your conditioning is complete. Well done.

  11. By Liars on 6 January 2014

    NO SHE DIDN’T BANG AND SCREAM. That’s purely what the police CLAIMED she did when the video shows it to be untrue. And even if she had decided to, it would be understandable considering what they did to her.

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