From the spam bag on marriage

4 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I do get some amazing spam from time to time. This just today from The Alliance for Marriage, in a plea for support of the California constitutional amendment proposal before voters which would define marriage in strictly heterosexual terms.

“The future of marriage in California should be determined among the 36 million residents of the State of California — not by the personal, closed-door deliberation of seven judges,” said Rev. Sam Rodriguez, Jr., an Advisory Board Member of the Alliance for Marriage Foundation.

Revered Sam is right, of course, but only partially. Marriage is something which should be determined among people, not forced upon them by government, be it by activist judges, uppity legislators or the diktat of majoritarian democracy. In fact, the marriage of any given two (or more) of California’s 36 million shouldn’t be a matter for the other 35,999,998 at all, and especially not one that’s going to be either supported or contested by the inhuman force of the State.

Nobody will offer that amendment, of course.

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