I surrendered my US passport today

8 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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A few hours ago at the American Embassy in Bratislava, I surrendered my United States passport, completing my “expatriating act” and making my renunciation of United States citizenship official. If everything is accepted and certified by someone back in the US at the State Department, I am a stateless person as of today, 8 December 2008.

Someone else's US passport, on fire.

Someone else's US passport... on fire!

I also submitted the IRS Form 8854 mentioned in my previous post, and there were several revisions needed to the various documents that I signed, filed, submitted, swore or affirmed to and had certified by the Consul. Repeated checking of things turned up several minor errors that needed to be corrected. A merry time was had by all in reviewing successive quintuplicate copies of documents, repeated signature and re-signature, unstapling and restapling corrected pages, and so on. I guess I was there for about an hour.

The Consul was kind enough to provide a certified letter on official embassy stationery for me to present to the Aliens’ Police (the visa authority) to document my status pending receipt of my Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States, which may help me cut through a bit of confusion when I contact them later in the week to inform them that my passport (and therefore my visa) is no longer in my hands. It reads:

Bratislava, Slovakia

December 8, 2008


Veľvyslanectvo USA v Bratislave potvrdzuje týmto, že bývalý občan USA Michael Jude Gogulski, narodený 8. augusta 1972 v Arizone podal 8. decembra 2008 žiadosť o prepustenie zo štátneho zväzku USA a odovzdal svoj americký cestovný pas č. XXXXXXXXX, vydaný 5. decembra 2005 na veľvyslanectve USA v Bratislave. O schválení žiadosti rozhodne Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí USA, ktoré menovanému poskytne písomne vyrozumenie vo forme Certifikátu o zrušení štátneho občianstva USA.

[illegible signature]
Consul of the United States of America

Bratislava, Slovakia

December 8, 2008


The Embassy of the USA in Bratislava confirms hereby that former citizen of the USA Michael Jude Gogulski, born 8 August 1972 in Arizona, submitted on 8 December 2008 an application for release from the state bond of the USA and surrendered his American passport no. XXXXXXXXX, issued 5 December 2005 at the Embassy of the USA in Bratislava. Approval of the application shall be decided upon by the United States Department of State, which will provide the named person [i.e., me] with written notification in the form of a Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States.

[illegible signature]
Consul of the United States of America

My next steps:

  • Get a notarized copy of the letter above (tomorrow).
  • Draft a letter to the Aliens’ Police Director explaining what has happened and requesting information on my legal obligations with respect to the loss of my passport and the procedure to follow to apply for the stateless person’s travel document and a replacement visa sticker. Enclose certified copy of the above letter (tomorrow).
  • Write and distribute a press release (tomorrow or Wednesday).
  • Sit around waiting for my Certificate to arrive at the Embassy. I’ll get a phone call or email from them when it comes in (whenever Information Retrieval gets around to it). Call came in on 29 December 2008 that the certificate is in. Now I have to get down there and pick the silly thing up.
  • Update my “About” page (*yawn*…).
  • ???
  • Profit!
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  2. By Nick Evanns on 8 December 2008


  3. By Kel on 8 December 2008

    Congrats Mike! Also, cudos on the South Park reference!

  4. By Stephanie on 8 December 2008

    - Update my “About” page (*yawn*…).
    – ???
    – Profit!

    Nice final touch. Congrats, I guess.

  5. By Aaron Kinney on 8 December 2008

    Congrats! I like the “profit” part the best :)

  6. By Pat on 8 December 2008

    Right on brother. Also, you’re linked on

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 8 December 2008

    Thanks all, and thanks for the tip, Pat! Seems I’m being called an “attention-seeking douche”… better get my asbestos armor out of storage!

  8. By Nick on 8 December 2008

    Way to go, Mike. Looking forward to chatting with you next time I come to Blava.

  9. By Uncle Sam on 9 December 2008

    Fuck you fuck face don;t ever come back!

    You now just another wondering Jude in despora

  10. By OracleGD on 9 December 2008

    Congratulations. May your following days be full of win.

  11. By David Z on 9 December 2008

    congrats Mike!

  12. By Pedro Cevallos on 9 December 2008

    Congrats Mike! It takes real guts to walk the walk…and walk the walk you did, sir! :)

    Please be careful and also be safe.

  13. By Mattocracy on 10 December 2008

    You officially walk the walk.

  14. By Michael on 11 December 2008

    From what I’ve read, I doubt the US will alow you to become stateless. I did some searching about it a few days ago.

    Good luck, hope it goes through.

  15. By Barry Davis on 17 December 2008

    Wow, keep in touch, let us know how this works out for you.

    It will be interesting to see if the new Obama Security Force doesn’t hunt you down and drag you back across the US border so you can help pay for the Change He Believed In. They’ll just follow the paper trail.

  16. By Patrick on 26 December 2008

    hi mike,

    my name is patrick and i am from germany. I am also preparing my papers in order to go to the embassy in munich to renounce my us citizenship. I also have a problem with the “questionare” and in particular question 6e (renounced us citizenship at a us embassy or consulate?) well, i have not yet renounced it but i sure will. my question now is, did you check yes or no? maybe it is not that important and i will fill in this part of the questionare once i have been given an “appointment” for the oath of renunciation. by the by, i think it is cool of you to write a public blog about your experience in renouncing your citizenship. thank you man.

  17. By Mike Gogulski on 27 December 2008

    Hello, Patrick.

    Extremely interesting! If you are willing to share any of your motivations and experiences, I’m more than willing to publish them.

    After a great deal of discussion regarding question 6e, the Consul and I decided that the correct answer was “no”, since at the time I filled out that document I had not actually done the legal oath of renunciation. Assuming that mine goes through, this would seem to be the correct answer for people who have not previously committed what the law and forms call an “expatriating act”.

    Thanks for the props. Part of my own thinking is, if you’re going to do something this serious for reasons like these, why not do it as big and as splashy as possible? I doubt I’m going to start any kind of movement, here, but at least I might serve as a focus for a certain line of thinking. Certainly the private feedback I have been receiving supports the idea that this is worthwhile.

    Will you keep us updated?

  18. By John Simpson on 29 December 2008

    I’m curious as to what “state bond of the USA” actually means, and why you had to apply to be “released” from it.

  19. By WalKnDude on 30 December 2008

    I am actually curious as well now. As all pages are wordpress. I am extremely curious.

  20. By Mike Gogulski on 30 December 2008

    John: I’ve seen “štátny zväz” a few other places. Looks to me just like a formalism for “citizenship”. Neat thing, though, is that the root “väz” is present in words meaning things like “yoke”, “prison”, “arrest”, “inmate”, “obligation”, etc.

  21. By TR Bowles on 22 January 2009

    I am totally intrigued by this, Mike.

    This is a pretty intense action for you, and no doubt that it is going to make your life that much harder in the future, but I fully believe that the ripple effect your creating will be worth the hurdles youll have to jump.

    Any idea how often this is done for reasons suchs as yours?

  22. By Mike Gogulski on 22 January 2009

    @TR: Let’s hope so. Stay tuned for the full story as it unfolds! To your last question: rarely. Very rarely.

  23. By Lucas on 17 February 2009

    Wow, I hope you find yourself a country that doesn’t suck – and one in which you can effect change. All governments suck, but I think you might have made a mistake.

    Your leaving the US is very strange to me. I love traveling, I’ve only been to Europe, Asia and Mexico, in all those trips, I never saw a more open government with less greed and graft than this one.

  24. By Mike Gogulski on 17 February 2009

    @Lucas: To each his own. But with government in the US at all levels taking something approaching 40% of GDP (I believe), is it really any benefit to say that it’s less “greedy” or “grafty” than those elsewhere? Not in my book…

  25. By brian Hunt on 21 February 2009

    Intresting idea. What are the legalities in being stateless? what countries allow stateless people to reside in them without a hassle? all things being equal do we really need statehood?

  26. By roman on 9 March 2009

    Hallo Mike, very interesting act. Hope it will bring more satisfaction than damage to the cause and your life.
    There is one thing with the slovak words “štátny zväz”. Two letters are missing in the word “zväz” – “ok”. It is actually “štátny zväzok”.

  27. By Mike Gogulski on 9 March 2009

    @roman: I stand corrected!

  28. By Forian on 3 April 2009

    Same question as Mr. Hunt, but specifically I am curious about the legalities of now being allowed to work and reside in an EU member state. Please comment, thanks, great blog.

    “By brian Hunt on 21 February 2009

    Intresting idea. What are the legalities in being stateless? “

  29. By Mike Gogulski on 3 April 2009

    To Forian and Brian: The legalities might really be thought of as endless. Where laws distinguish between “citizens” versus “residents” would be the places to look, as well as any specific law related to stateless persons. Past this, who knows? I did a bit of research and made sure that I got my immediate legalities in order. I had a temporary, renewable residence permit and an established business under an indefinite-term trade license. And the only law I know is that which has impinged upon my own situation here in Slovakia.

  30. By Tony on 20 April 2009

    I need some help. I want to leave the usa now I don’t have a passport and can not get one. I dont know how to leave this country and get into Brazil with out a passport and visa

  31. By Jon on 9 May 2009

    Why do you need to expatriate? How can you give up something which you never applied for? all you need to do is not claim to be a citizen and use a different name, not the one that the US “gave” to you.

    and mike Resident is that same thing as citizen in their legal terms

  32. By Mike Gogulski on 11 May 2009

    Jon: I didn’t need to; I wanted to. And that’s done now. Also, in addition to wanting to not claim citizenship, I wanted to not be claimed as one.

    Due to Slovakia’s accession to several international treaties, residents and citizens have nearly equal legal status in the country. Citizens have a few privileges that residents do not, such as the vote, for example.

    Tony: Sorry I did not see your comment sooner.

    Getting from the US to Brazil without a passport. Hmmm…

    You could stow away on a cargo ship or airplane. Quite risky.

    By land, the US-Mexico border should be no problem to cross undetected. That gets you out of the US, but not into Brazil yet. And there are quite a number of other borders to cross on your way there. I would be most worried about the Panama/Colombia border, and then there is real potential for trouble if you’re a caucasian who doesn’t speak excellent Spanish within Colombia itself, especially in the FARC-controlled areas (which happen to be on the most direct path into Brazil, via the Amazon basin).

    You will need to find allies to help you along that journey for sure. The narcotrafficantes probably have the best logistical capability to assist you, but how to approach them and how to minimize the considerable risks in associating with them at all is not a fun problem to contemplate.

  33. By barry Lanza on 28 October 2009

    The US govt still gives me a hard time getting the offical papers. I was a Lockerbie witness and many nations have stuff to hide; I have my problems ‘follow me’.

    Email me at and I can send you emails from victims and Libyans alike.. mainly to pi$$ off a few people.

    My info pointed to Iran as the largest shareholder in Pan Am was the Shahs family and my father-in-law was involved in a coup attempt to stick in the Shah’s son.. the trial was about opening up Libya’s oil fields.. always money in the end

    Renouncig US citizenship – it has been 16 months; and it was supposed to take 3 months

    The embassy wrote
    Dear Mr Lanza,

    As my colleague explained when you visited the Consulate last week, we have not yet received the paperwork from our Embassy in Seoul. We have your contact details and will notify you as soon as the paperwork reaches us.

    Please note, items sent by diplomatic pouch take several weeks to reach their destination and we would not expect something sent to us on October 7 to arrive before late November at the earliest.

    Kind regards

    U.S. Consulate General


  34. By Mike Gogulski on 28 October 2009

    Hey Barry,

    You can put your stuff here in the comments, or, if you wish, mail mike at gogulski dot com and I’ll eventually get it online. Shorter paths:,,


  35. By barry Lanza on 23 April 2010

    If you want to go, call immigration, explain your case and say you have no valid visa.

    They will have to help you leave or deport you for overstaying your visa

  36. By Robert on 4 May 2010

    One less expatriate to worry about!

  37. By Mike Gogulski on 4 May 2010

    You were worried?

  38. By Robert C. on 14 May 2010

    I’m a low level sex offender. My conviction (as are most for sex crimes) was not involving a child. It’s a misdemeanor but having to register as a sex offender sucks. I would very much like to give up my citizenship as well and start fresh elsewhere. Sheesh, I’m a guy that served in the military for 18 years! I don’t really see much benefit to being a US citizen any longer. Rights? a dog gets more rights! Any suggestions?

  39. By Mike Gogulski on 14 May 2010

    @Robert: The basic process I suggest goes:

    – Select destination
    – Go to destination
    – Obtain legal residence
    – Renounce
    – Hope for the best

    Your conviction may be more or less limiting depending on which country you choose. In Slovakia, for example, obtaining a residence permit now requires submitting a fingerprint card to the FBI and receiving back some sort of criminal background report (previously one could swear an affidavit of no convictions and have it certified by a US Consul, but not any more). Would a misdemeanor show up on the report? Dunno. If it did, would it bar you from residency? Dunno, depends on the country.

    Since this is probably the critical issue for you, I’d suggest you get a copy of your FBI report yourself, now, and if it includes the conviction send it to the US-based embassies of the countries you’re interested in, asking whether or not you’d be barred.

  40. By AYO on 13 June 2010

    I am surprise to read that some people want to renounce being a UNITED STATE OF AMERICA citizen…Oh My GOD!!!!…United State Of America is country i have always wished and want to OWE their Passport OR citizenship..even as a slave

  41. By Mike Gogulski on 13 June 2010

    @AYO: Read further here and you’ll find out why.

  42. By links of london on 18 November 2010

    I am surprise to read that some people want to renounce being a UNITED STATE OF AMERICA citizen…Oh My GOD!!!!…United State Of America is country i have always wished and want to OWE their Passport OR citizenship..even as a slave

  43. By Ronin on 19 November 2010

    @links : Yes, you may be surprised. The phrase “Land of the free, and home of the brave” maybe was true a LONG time ago, but now it has become something much different. If you read online how MANY people have renounced in the past few years alone, you would only find a fraction of the number of people who WISH they could leave but are not free to do so. Millions have found much greater freedom in other countries.

  44. By Robert C. on 19 November 2010

    I too am a low level registering sex offender. My offense like yours (as is most) isn’t involving a child. Speaking of child I have two wonderful sons here that need me, but if it wasn’t for them I would consider being an Expatriot as well. Here in the state of California after 10 years I can apply for a certificate of rehabilitation that would also relieve me of having to register as a sex offender. I’m sure your charges can be refuted in this way since it’s a misdemeanor as is mine. I looked into other things as an illegal here you have a lot of rights. Think about it. All these people need to do is file for a tax ID number and use that number to get most everything a citizen can have. My girlfriend’s house keeper owns two house and a business without an SSN. I thought to just get that number and become some other identity within the US. Shit call me Carlos Remerez !!!! These people(Mexicans) get free health care and don’t pay taxes either. Their bosses take out taxes to the government but these people never file returns so it’s a win fall for the government. This is why most Mexicans are over looked.

  45. By Robert C. on 19 November 2010

    Another thing, I too was in the military for 16 years. Active 4 years US Navy and active US Army 4 years plus 8 years in the Army Reserves! Great being a servant of our country yet getting screwed by them for life!

  46. By Simba on 26 March 2011

    I am considering renouncing my citizenship in the near future. I am thinking deeply about it. I am an artist and live in the old south. It is horrible here. On top of being spat on and verbally and emotionally being degraded everyday. I am fed up with life here. I have no opportunities, few friends and no future. The last time I received an answer from a job employer was 1995. I do not like the usa I never have. I am not a capitalist. I do not believe in American crash commercialism and branding. I do not believe in a matriarchal society. I do not believe in war. I have no place here. I have lived in almost every part of this country and it was the same experience. I encounter a lot of discrimination in the usa. My experiences between elsewhere i nthe world and the usa are like night and day. All of my friends reside abroad. I have passed up dozens of job opportunities all because I am american. They cant hire me. Too much red tape. My american citizenship actually holds me back from success! I hate this place and I want to leave. i hate everyday I wake up in this place and have to deal with yet another day of blatant harrassment and mistreatment. I can’t even talk to people in this country. Everything I say goes over their heads. These people are so ignorant here and just don’t get it. I am an artist and their is no art here. ‘Pop’ art Bbeys and other capitalist losers who are more like Mc Donalds than anything. I am desperate and have run out of options. The quality of my life is really bad here and it affects me. i feel like I am in a cage, isolated from the world. its like living in a commercial. I am hoping for some change because if not I am afraid something bad is going to happen. I just cant take life here for much long and want OUT! I would pay someone to sponsor me in order to get out of here! Its like my life is on Hold. I can not explain in words what it is like for me here. i am treated like a non person in my town. People look through me as if I dont even exist. Do you know what that feels like every day?! To have to dea with that kind of shite on a daily basis on top of being economically and socially cut of and kept out? I can not put into words the level of my hatred for aspects of this place. I am treated like dirt. I miss my friends, I miss my life.

    I want out! I want out of this Nightmare! I know where I want to go and be. I just need help to get there. I need help soon or my future is not going to good. i see the clouds coming. I have lost much hope for myself and life in general. I need to be out of this artless place. It is like a living death for a true artist. There is NOTHING HERE.

  47. By Barry Lanza on 26 March 2011

    If you have a European grandparent, you can apply for a European citizenship. If you are Jewish, you can go to Israel. If not, it may be very hard to get out.

    I renounced my citizenship thinking it would get the US govt off my back as I was on the Lockerbie witness list. I have documents, CIA classifications, etc. so I could not be labelled a nut job. I got out with a European passport but the US networks used their power to blacklist me. I could never get ANY government to give me political asylum. I have been illegally blocked to going to court as they ‘got’ to my lawyers.
    They act like the Soviet Union if they think you are an ‘embarassment’ to them.

    Ironically, if you were from some crap country, countries may give you ‘political asylum’, even if you have no proof of govt tampering.

    Hence, I would suggest moving to a more ‘art’ friendly city like San Francisco or New York if you are stuck there. It is more expensive but poor is poor everywhere.

    You may find some ‘kindred’ souls there.

  48. By Simba on 2 April 2011

    Thank you for your information. But I have neither of those things. I am just trapped in this society. I have already been out west and it was horrible. I hate LA and San Francisco. I have resided all of this country and its the same story. Even in the cities you mentioned. I hate this place and want out! Sadly the way things are going I feel like giving up. I am becoming desperate, like an animal in a cage. A way has to be made for me to leave this place and soon. Or somthing is going to happen to me. I really can’t take life here for much longer. I have nothing and no future here. As an artist it is a nightmare being in a place like this. Surrounded by people who place little to no value on the arts or the meaning of anything. I have few friends here. I spend my life like I am in isolation. Something bad is going to happen to me. Something very horrible if I am not able to leave this place. i am not one to settle for this kind of slavery.

  49. By Simba on 8 April 2011

    Todauy I was threatened again by ghetto people. Who disagree with me because of my apperance and way of life. I actually aspire towards learning, education and clean living. Today those people made threats against me, against my life. The police do nothing when I contact them about these events. I live in an environment of total hostility. I never feel safe. And I am far from happy. I hate this society because it is an unsafe place full of ignorant barbarian people. Who live for the ruination of humanity and life. They breed on drugs and crime. This is the usa of today. As a person who loves art and literature. It is not a place for someone like me. I am constantly under seige. Day and night. People have tried to break into my home to harm me because of their hatred of me. I am often called names in my community and spat on. These ghetto people are savages who make my life hell. And I hate them all and this country for allowing it to degenerate into this. Where such peopke are widespread and Americans dont feel safe not even in their own homes. That is another reason why I want to leave. NOW!

  50. By Barry Lanza on 8 April 2011

    If you do not have a European grandparent/parent to get a passport,

    you can move to Malaysia if you have about 50,000 dollars in assets, a clean police record and you are there NOW

    It cost half the costs of the US and is safe

  51. By Ronin on 11 April 2011

    @Simba: You sound very unhappy in the US. Why don’t you choose a destination you’d be happier in and go there? Take action and go!

  52. By Robert Curtis on 11 April 2011

    Sabrina There are always choices. Go the the library read on how you can best get where you wish to go and just go there. If you like to cook become a cook on a ship going over seas. Join a volunteer group to help the poor in Brazil or other country. Europe has so many countries you can backpack to once you get there. Hell eat off the back door of restaurants throughout Europe! Do what others find distasteful as a start until you find your niche or place. Assist old people. Join the peace corps.

  53. By Simba on 16 April 2011

    “By Ronin on 11 April 2011
    @Simba: You sound very unhappy in the US. Why don’t you choose a destination you’d be happier in and go there? Take action and go!”

    I have already done most of those htings. i have applied for jobs. I have looked at becoming a cook, I have looked at the Peace corp. I have read up and studied up on each and every option available. And I have failed in all of them. The fact is that NO ONE will hire me. because I am American. Even places whpo think i have something to offer cant hire me because I am america. I have sat and watched countless job opportunities pass me by because I am american. Jobs that wanted me but could not take me because I am american. Cruise ships will not hire americans. Even jobs picking strawberries in the eu will not hire an america. They give preference to people from Turkey and Africa over American! That is the reality of it all. I am desperate now. Very desperate. For me it is not about chooseing a destination and taking a trip. my goal is to never come back. I do not want to come back to America, Ever! i have applied to american companies that have branches i nthe eu. They wont hire americans to work for American companies! This furhter increases my rage and Hatred for this place. I hate this country. I really do. And I want out of here. I want out so badly I am wiliing to pay someone to hire me in the eu. I am not rich but I will pay if it meant that I could find a way out of this place. I hate my life here and have no future i nthis place. Not in my work, not in a social life. I have no chance of marriage, family, nothing here. This is just capitalist nightmare of a society. And that is not going to change. It may be fine for most people but it sucks for someone like me. I am not a capitalist and I am not all about the money and taking. i want to contribute not take. i am about giving and making things better. i feel completely unappreciated in this country. All i deal with every day is hatred of me. People hate me so much where I live. i like to try to do what I can forthe environment so I do not drive a car. People look down on me. I have been called all kinds of names because of my minimal lifestyle. As for these so called volunteer jobs. They want you to pay them! I am not giving someone $5,000 to live in a hut and then to have t ocome back to the usa. I know where I want to be. I know which country I like the most. And that is where I want to be. I like it there. but no one will help me to leave and be there. No one will hire me. No one will help me! I do not sleep any more. At night I get so upset that I am here. I feel like I am in a cage. i feel so stuck and trapped. i am trying to figure out if I should renounce somewhere. I want to make sure that if I do that that I will not be able to forced back to this country. I do not want to come back here. This place is hell for me. I know how to do a lot of stuff. I am formally trained in computer work, hardware and software. Mac and PC. I am skilled inadvertising, all areas of commercial art, sign making, painting, traditional and digital work. i am skilled in other things too. But not just skilled. I have received all kinds of press and more for my level of skill and the quality of my work. YET i cant get hired. No one will help me. Despite all that I know how to do there is just nothing for me. I am really depressed these days and do not feel like I will be around for much longer living like this. I really dont want to be here. Living in the usa is like a living death for me as a creative person. To have everything just passing me by. To see a whole life for me someplace else. And not being able to reach it. It is horrible so horrible. I hate my life here so much. i just dont want this. i no longer know what to do any more. I have so many ideas and abilities worth millions. But no one will invest in me. And I cant make opportunities for myself in the usa because this country is not set up for people like that. its completely closed. Everything is closed. People only hire their friends. An innovater has no place here. intellectuals have no place. And Artists have no place here. If you are not corporate or embrace that concept you are pushed out and erased. That is America now. I hate this place. There is no fair chance.

  54. By Mike Gogulski on 16 April 2011

    @Simba: At least here in Slovakia, you could be up and running with your own sole proprietorship business plus temporary residence permit within about 60 days, provided that you can provide a rental contract on a place to live, or a sworn statement from a property owner that it’s okay for you to live there. Costs would probably run to around €700-800 to get everything done, more if you hire a relocation firm to help you.

  55. By Barry Lanza on 17 April 2011

    If you have been taught in the US from Kindergarten thru High School, you can teach overseas. You must have a college degree

    You can tske a 2 day course to get TEFL qualified and you can get a English teaching job overseas.

    and get on listing jobs.

    As a US citizen, China, Korea and Saudia Arabia are always looking for US citizens to teach. The European jobs usually require EEC citizenship.

    My son spent 5 years teaching English in Korea. He got an apartment, free transportation, could walk to work and only paid 4 percent tax

    They are looking for people NOW.

  56. By Simba on 23 April 2011

    I have been around Slovakia before. It is a nice place and the people have much pride and deidcation in their hearts. I have traveled a lot in my life. As for the teaching job. I have a relative who does that but living in China is not in my interest. I like the eu. I also can not pay $5,000 for a teaching certificate. I am already trained in a number of highly skilled areas. I work in design and have produced materials for web and print. I am also an animator and production artist. I am skilled in a number of areas. I also develop computer programs. Yet no one can hire me because I am american. Its the old excuse of no work permit or the lie about me not have any experience. I wish I could find a woman in the eu who would be open to loving me and interested in marriage and a family one day. But i have failed in everything. If I lived in Slovakia I would only be dedicated to building things. i want to have my own design business. I am not about taking things I am about giving. To any nation that choose to host me I would give my heart to them. And only make good and positive things happen. And to create good obs for their citizens. This would be an honor for me to do. because I am appreciaitive of those who help me. If I am able t ocreate then is it not correct that it is my responsibility to give back? That is what people in the usa DONT Do. The Oprahs and other American scumbags live for greed and rape the people. I hate greed and I hate American apitalism. I am not a communist. I just hate america’s social and economic systems. Because they are so blantantly unequal. People suffer while criminals and the scum of humanity are rewarded. Men of character and Independent knowhow are degraded and impoverished. While liars and takers rule. They kill the earth, spoil the land and create division. I dedicate myself to innovation and the possibilities of another way. In everything. There are always alternatives and uncreated states. The world doesnt have to be the way that it is. I am very sad. I hate my life here.

  57. By Ronin on 25 April 2011

    @Simba, something tells me that it’s not the fact that you are American which is preventing you from gainful employment or happiness.
    The Peace Corps is especially suited for Americans, in fact.
    Perhaps a journey to India would help you find the inner peace. To make a positive change for fellow man first starts by evaluating the inner being. Even Michael Jackson knew this and expressed it in his song “Man in the Mirror”.
    Peace be with you.

  58. By Barry Lanza on 25 April 2011

    If you are a peaceful soul, you do not want to go into the US army as they go to war with someone new every year.

    If you do not want the peace corp, join the people who only know how To Surrender

    Join the French

    I also heard the French Foreign legion provide hookers for their soldiers and the French never do anything

    They pay in Euros, free board and you can get a French passport

    Just learn how to surrender !! Be French

    Sure.. Sarkozy is bombing Libya but from a thousand feet high (he will lose the election next year anyway)

  59. By Simba on 27 April 2011

    A response to Ronin.

    You are incorrect about much. My experiences have little to do with inner peace. My envinroment is very bad. And I simpyl do not fit into the usa. I hate it when people attempt to blame the individual for the circumstances that exist. I could go into detail about what has been happening to me. But I do not feel that it would be helpful to talk bout all of the dirt that has been done against me by people who fail to understand me. Yes, America is my problem. it does not mean that the usa is a bad place. For many people it is wonderful. And that is great. However for me it is not where I belong. I am not happy because I am not where I want to be. I do not get into the all of the western psychology or suedo zen bull. I live in the real world and I know what will make me happy. I hate the american way of life, the social system and the culture of anti-education that exist here. I can’t relate to people in this country and that fact isolates me socially and I hate it. If you are so blind to the blatant facts in regards to this place’s inequality, crime, slums and lack of morality then I do not know what to say. This place sucks and ranks very low in terms of opportunities. Like 2% of the population controls all of the wealth! And I am supposed to be comfortable with that?!? i thought this was America, not Uganda! I can see the cracks in this place while others seem more interested in American idol. As for the comment about the French. It is such a typical American perspective. Personally i have never met a ‘weak’ French man. I find it hard t oaccept the french as ‘gay’, weak or anything else like that. Frnech men are some of the most Macho men I have ever seen. They are quite direct and very aggresive in my personal experience. I do not kow where the surrender, weak guy stereotype comes from other than the american perception of the events during ww2. i would think such a stereotype would be quite out of date to say the least.

  60. By Ronin on 27 April 2011

    Ok, several people have offered you suggestions, but none seem to appeal to you. We get it, you hate living in USA. Fine. Lots of people agree with you.
    Please just do something about it and quit whining.
    On your way. Best of luck to you

  61. By George on 27 April 2011

    It seems many embassies are basically shutting down as far as appointments for renunciations go. Waiting lists of 18 months or simply refusing to make appointments.
    What is the current situation in Slovakia, and would one have to be resident there to get an appointment?

  62. By Simba on 27 April 2011

    Ronin Do not refer to me as a whiner that is offensive. I was simply clearifying myself nothing more. But i shall take you advice and focus on making things happen. I also did not dismiss the advice given to me by others. I have taken it in stride and am looking into it. I never dimiss or disregard anyone. You all are important and I am appreciaitive of all of the advice supplied to me via this website. Please do not think negative of me. I think very well of each and everyone of you. I will work hard to make good things happen for me. in time, perhaps I will be able to improve my life situation. =)

  63. By Barry Lanza on 27 April 2011

    A friend of my son said there is a 2 year waiting list to renounce in Switzerland.

    I gave up getting an appointment in the UK and renounced as a walk in at the US Embassy in Seoul Korea. The State department accepted my renouncing in 20 days but did not tell me until 9 months later.

    They gave me a hard time and it took 14 months in total to get my paper after I went to the newspapers.

    Try Korea

  64. By Ronin on 29 April 2011

    Just read this on MSNBC.
    It’s a great day!

  65. By Barry Lanza on 30 April 2011

    Superman stands for

    ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’

    I lived in the Washington DC area for over 10 years. The Powers-that-be would interpret him as a threat if he was real.

    They would follow him, find out who his friends are, see if he had a ‘protector’ by harassing him to see who he would go to for help.

    In the end, they would ruin his life so nobody would listen to this ‘loser’.

    The comic books are fantasies. Even Fiction has lost hope.

    ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’

    Where have you gone?

  66. By Simba on 6 May 2011

    I got turned down today in one of my last options and attempts to find a way out of this place. I have no more options left now. I hate life in America and I am very sad right now. I tried a number of different things and they all ended in deadends. None of you know what I am going through. The kinds of things that are happening here for me. People shouting outside of my door calling me ‘faggot’ all day and night. I am not gay but I am perceived to be often. I am perceived to be a lot of things. I am just hated. I have been hit with eggs, spat on and worse. Someone on this site accused me of being a ‘whiner’ once. Yet I do not tell the full story of what I go through. I haven’t shared the worse of it. Why? because nobody cares and no one wants to hear that stuff. And that is okay. I am just tired now. I hate my life in this kind of place. I am so tired I just want to sleep. I have to make a decision now as to where I am going. Since I am stuck here there is little future for me now. I cant face this kind of life any more being an outcast and hated as much as I am. Its pretty much the end of the road for me now. Maybe it is best, everything ends. I am just so tired of all of this. I dont think any man should have to be alone like this. But it is clear that I a not a man. Neither beast nor man. Those were the words from that story written so long ago. About a man who hid in the shadows and was nothing but an abomination to the world. Sometimes some living things are not warranted. Life has made it clear to me that I am not. I live in a place where every moment of my life is surrounded with hostility, no opportunities and isolation. Its like living in a cage. All things come to an end. There is no more hope for something like me.

  67. By Barry Lanza on 6 May 2011

    You do have options

    or Die

    You can not adapt; you should not die

    so just go…take a risk. talk does not sem to help you

    You can get on a plane far away, or bus to Canada or Mexico, fly to europe, work illegally or marry a local, French Foreign legion, volunteer work(not all charge), teach English if you have a college degree, etc..

    You have options and they seem to be better than staying where you are currently.. you seem misable

    just go.. you may find a better life.. most people who came to the US came from crappy situations and took the risk for a better life.. many found it.. things have changed

    try someplace new, overstay your visa if you need and find out a way to stay

  68. By Ronin on 7 May 2011

    Barry said it well. It’s more about DOING rather than just talking. This blog is related to M.G.’s renunciation and the subsequent surrender of said passport.

  69. By Barry Lanza on 7 May 2011

    If you have some money, you can get these citizenships

    the best are


    The minimum investment needed is EUR 100’000. No business activity allowed in Austria and confirmation of accomodation such as rental lease and health insurance is the main criteria. Benefits of residence permit include visa free travel to schengen and other 180 countries. Residence permit is issued for one year and then renewed annually.

    Latvia is better as real estate is improving.
    100,000 Euros in Real Estate so just move there and buy a house

    Like the sun,

    Dominica offers direct “citizenship” upon investing a non refundable investment of USD$ 75,000 in the economic development of the country. The formalities invoved with the Govt is very strict and the personal interview in Dominica is a must.

  70. By Simba on 15 May 2011

    I appreciate your post but I am not rich like that. If I was I would be out of here already. Sadly many countries seem to only be open to the rich. i guess in the end money really is everything.

  71. By Robert Curtis on 15 May 2011

    I get an email from international living with many article on where you can live for next to nothing around the world. Here is a sample article:
    Your U.S. Car Payments Cover Everything in Ecuador
    By Suzan Haskins

    We’ve just made a quick trip to Quito and back to take care of some business. It went something like this…

    From our home in Cotacachi, we caught the bus over the hill and down to the Pan-American Highway. Cost: 20 cents each.

    From the “Pana,” as the highway is commonly called here, we flagged down the bus coming from Ibarra and continuing on to Quito. Cost: $2 each.

    On the bus, we had comfortable reclining seats from which we watched a movie during the two-hour trip. (Yes, the movie was in Spanish but it wasn’t too hard to figure out what was going on…it was a horror film.)

    –Recommended by IL–

    The Truth About Ecuador

    It’s true: You can live large on little, settle into the lap of luxury on even a pensioner’s budget in Ecuador-one of the world’s cheapest places to live.

    This “Land of Eternal Spring”, where a couple can live on less than $600 a month, hides some of the world’s great real estate bargains and investment opportunities.

    Let International Living help you discover them, get your copy of Ecuador: The Owner’s Manual today and save 20%.

    At the halfway point somewhere near Cayambe, vendors boarded the bus to sell chips, ice cream, beverages, pieces of chicken, cough drops, some pirated movies… I forked over 50 cents for a bottle of water, a 15-cent mark-up from what I pay at the local tienda in Cotacachi, but hey…I was a captive audience on the bus. And it was delivered straight to my hand, after all…

    Once in Quito, we took a taxi across town from the Terminal Norte (north terminal) to our hotel. At $5, this was the most expensive part of our journey. All told, for $10 the two of us were safely transported from our home in Cotacachi to our comfy room at the Hotel Quito.

    Beginning to understand why we don’t have a car here? With gasoline, vehicle taxes and insurance costs going up at home in the States, we’re car-free and carefree in Ecuador.

    The bus from Cotacachi to the market town of Otavalo, about 25 minutes away, costs 25 cents. From Cotacachi to Ibarra where we visit the dentist or the Supermaxi supermarket, we pay 45 cents. (And if you have a resident visa and are over 60, you’ll pay half price!)

  72. By Shane on 3 June 2011

    Okay, I have read the entire thread and all I can say is that I am really impressed with the attitudes and general outlook of some of you guys.

    SIMBA!!!! Just go for it man! If I was as miserable as you seem and all my options were exhausted I would put together a plan something like this….

    And it can be done for only a few thousand dollars to start and a little change here and there along the way which you could panhandle if needed.

    I am not afraid of being judged and if you are someone who would judge for what I have to say then your a louse anyway so don’t bother. I don’t care what you think. so I will just come right out with it.

    I just entered a plea in court for four-first degree felonies, each carrying a 3 to life prison term, ran consecutively but not mandatory. What a deal! (not)

    I am now officially a sex offender, its not who I am today, it’s something I did in my past which I will regret forever and from which I can never escape. Obviously my charges are quite serious and I will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of my life. That being said, Simba, life could always be worse my friend.

    I have a unique situation in life right now. I know that I am going to prison for several years after sentencing which is in a few weeks….BUT I know that life goes on. I took responsibility for my past actions and now all I can do is own it. Right now is what matters and what you do right now determines who you are. Keep moving forward, don’t look back and NEVER repeat the same mistake twice.

    I could easily run right now and probably get away if I were to go somewhere that’s primeval but I won’t because my wife and two kids are steadfastly at my side waiting until the day I am released; life without them as a man on the run would not be freedom for me. I can’t imagine that.

    I married a pacific islander who never became a citizen of the United States; she just renews her visa every so often. When this is all over and my time is served I am fucking leaving this nasty, upside down corrupted nation of narcissists, crooks, and wanna-be movie stars. Passport or not, I am never coming back unless it’s as a soldier in a war fought against the United States. No exceptions. They can keep all their rules, regulations, taxes, permits and useless laws. They can keep their need to control everything and everyone and I hope they will someday implode because of it. They can keep their goddamn “social security number” to!
    I am going to my beautiful wife’s home country and meeting her there; I will swim if I have to! I am going to a place with no registry and far simpler laws. A place where nobody would even bother to look at my past and even if they wanted to they probably couldn’t. A place where I am already considered a citizen because I am married to one. A place where you could never starve or freeze no matter how little else there is and a place where everyday it’s warm and full of life…the list goes on. I am describing just one of many nations in the south seas.
    Good luck in your search for a way out that is best suited for you!

  73. By kurt on 26 June 2011

    Simba, it sure does NOT cost $5000 to get certified as an English teacher for TEFL. My training cost about a fifth of that. If I were you I would go teach English in any EU former communist country (or wherever you wish to go) and teach English there as your foot in the door. Once there, and assuming you have all your papers in order, you can gradually start practicing your other skills. The important thing is for you is to get OUT of the US and start a new life abroad.

    And if I understand correctly, I thought joining the Peace Corps. was only for US Citizens. There’s no reason why your US Citizenship would be a hindrance.

    I live in the EU in a former commie state, and I once met a very intelligent fellow US Citizen who just happened to come here on a tourist visa and managed to get hired while being here in one of the “top 4″ accounting/consultancy firms. They organized all of his paperwork for him to get him legally hired. If there is a will there is a way. Based on your posts, I am under the impression that you are somehow afraid of making the big jump overseas. It’s as if you try justifying your fear by finding any excuse as a reason to reject all of our advice regarding what to do abroad. Good luck and don’t be afraid to make the jump! I used to think our high school motto was cliche-ish and trite…but later in life realized that it is so true: “if it is to be, it’s up to me”. Think about that.

  74. By Simba on 27 June 2011

    Thank you for your posts. I read all of them. I am working hard to get myself situated. I guess in a way I am scared to make the big jump but it is only because I have been harrassed before abroad by the ‘people’. I do not want to go throug that kind of situation again and make it so I can’t travel any where. Anyhow I am working on some things and raising money now. I talked to some immigration people in a country and they seem to appreciate my desire to legally immigrate to their land. I am hopeful that my efforts will not be in vain. I am working hard to build up what I need to present to them in order t oqualify. I do not have a degree in accounting or anything like that. However I am very skilled in IT and some other areas. I may look into the teaching thing also. I once spent some time in an ex-commie state but the situation was Bad. My heart goes out to the people and children I saw there who were suffering. It literally was a 2nd or 3rd world country in Europe. I was deeply upset ovedr the affect that capitalism has had on those people. Literally you have dirt poor slums overshadowed by people driving high end Audi’s and Maseratis. It all made me sick, American greed is horrible and is like a disease on the world. Everyone wants to take, no one wants to give. One of my goals, if I get to where I am going, is to develop a center or business that will offer opportunities to young people. I really care about them man. Some kids and teens areso sad. Especially young boys. Those Columbine kids were called monsters but for me I saw much deeper. They were victims of a society that teaches males to hate their masculinity and themselves. Boys and Dad’s are fodder inthis system to destroy usa families. I believe in family and I believe in being righteous and productive. I live to give not to take. I want to be rich to help everyone. Like Walt Disney and Carnagie did. Sure they were rich but they invested in america and American industry. But the new america makes that almost impossible. I have no future here, not for marriage, not for happiness, not for opportunities. No one will hire me or do my paper work, I tried for years. So i have to find a way to sponsor myself. I am currently working on that and think I have found a way. I have my fingers crossed and Iam working hard to grasp my dreams.

    I do not hate america. I just do not think that this is my place. I have never fit in here and do not like the culture here and never have. I hope that America can get better one day. But its gonna take the wil of the people to make that happen and not pulling a voting lever for phonies who promise ‘change’. Change comes from hard work. Not pulling a lever and sitting back and allowing someone else to make it happen. i am sorry that that spirit of ‘doing’ has been lost in america. And I am sorry that this place has become a matriarchal society that hates men, families and Fathers too. It is very sad. But each nation has to go thru it’s moments. This place isnt even 300 years old. One day America will see the error of her ways. And why it is important to invest in people, family, youth, Men and Father’s.

    But personally I believe that most of america is mentally ill.

    It’s too bad.

    Anyhow, I am working hard on making my way. I will keep everyone updated over time with my progress.

  75. By Robert Curtis on 28 June 2011

    Shane you are probably in prison now but if not consider this. After you get out of prison you will still need to go through at least 5 years of probation and life time registration. If you are out of country the requirements are still in place. If the country you go to don’t require you to register that doesn’t stop the US Gov’t from requiring it. So are you going to be able or willing to travel back to the USA every year to register? No?, then sir you’ll be in violation! If you come back then you’ll be arrested at the airport and back to prison you go! Ever thought of just leaving to a country where there is no extradition treaty with the USA? Most of the crap about those countries all being bad is Bullshit fed to us to keep us all from jumping ship! The USA isn’t the best game in town any longer! There are options. If you have any skills at all there’s always a way to find opportunity. I’d suggest you do all that time, parole and even the registration unless you feel there must be a better place to raise your kids. The world is an ever smaller place and the USA is getting ever harsher place to live. You decide.

  76. By Simba on 6 August 2011

    The USA took a big step closer to toal ruine tonight. I have been hear packing my valuables up and trying to formulate a plan to save myself from this potential violent urban nightmare. I do not know what is coming next but I am ready to make a move. I have my bags set up and my clothing sorted out now.

  77. By Barry Lanza on 6 August 2011

    Simba, you have been talking about going for some time..

    The French Foreign Legion awaits you and it pays in Euros..

    We always have 3 choices:Adapt, Migrate or die..

    move to a country on a tourist visa and marry a local girl

  78. By Simba on 6 August 2011

    I wish it were that easy for me. Marrying a girl is something that I have looked into. Women don’t like me and I am rejected before I even have a chance. I talked to the foreign legion already. They would ship me off to Africa, also I am older and do not think I would fair well in that kind of military service. I am becoming desperate though and am soon to make a decision on what I need to do. I have no future in the usa so I have to make one somplace else. This is my last chance at life.

  79. By Kurt on 7 August 2011

    “Women don’t like me and I am rejected before I even have a chance.”.

    When you say “women”, do you mean American women? Or women from abroad? And why do you think women hate you? What makes you so sure that they hate you? How do you know you don’t have a chance with women?

  80. By Kurt on 7 August 2011

    Sorry, I take back the word “hate”. I meant to ask “what makes you so sure that women don’t like you?” What makes you so sure that you are already rejected before you even have a chance? How do you know you don’t have a chance?

  81. By Simba on 7 August 2011

    You are asking me questions that should best be put to them. They are the ones who decide to unfailry judge me. To reject me before I even speak my name. They are the ones who have decided who and what I am before they even know me. Yes, these are women from the usa and from outside of it. It’s all the same. After 20+ years of this kind of treatment there is no other reason but hate for them to treat me in this manner. I have looked at myself, over analyzed me for years. That’s what people do right? When women treat men poorly they blame the Man, claim that there is somehting wrong with him. That’s the classic line. So i looked at me. I am tired of looking at me. I am tired period of all of this crap. Especially in the usa. When a man doesnt even have a chance what else is there? When a women rejects a man without even giving him a chance that is the worse kind of feeling.

  82. By Kurt on 8 August 2011

    Hmmm, and just one more question: do you actually make the effort to initiate conversation with the ladies? This is very important if you want to give yourself a chance with a girl. Otherwise, if you don’t speak to them, you really won’t have a chance.

    As for american girls, I’m not surprised if they don’t like you. I myself never had much luck with them WHICH IS WHY I MOVED OUT OF THE STATES A LONG TIME AGO. I took my chances with girls from the former commie countries, and I couldn’t be happier. They make me feel like a man. Have you tried your luck with these girls?

    Anyways, I’ve heard that Colombian women are more than willing to meet Western men and they’ll actually take the initiative and approach YOU first. Think about that.

    And.then there’s Thailand. It is very very PRESTIGIOUS within the Thai culture for a local girl to marry a western man. All you have to do is walk the streets there and you’ll have girls fighting over YOU before they even know your name! Damn.

    My point is: You have options, Simba. There’s no excuse. In my culture we say: “to truly want is power”

  83. By Simba on 8 August 2011


    yes I do talk but they have nothing to say to me. Women do hate me, it is not something that I project okay. Just take my word for it. I am not a man that they like. I am given no chance by women. That is how it has always been. I am not rich and that is what women want. A rich man. They do not perceive me and what i do as good. But before they even know that they have rejected me based on nothing. Women have perceived me to be a ‘player’ before. I told a woman once that i have no girlfriend and I am not a player. She simply would not believe me. They never believe me. I also can not understand how I can be a player given my lack of looks. I am ugly, so unless I ma rich how could i be a player?

    I want to leave the usa too. I want to leave and never come back but immigration stands in my way. I have applied and applied for countless jobs abroad and its the same response everytime. No work permit no job. Funny thing is that the last time I received a reply from an employer i nthe usa was back in 2002. In the eu I actually get replies and some WANT to hire me but cant because I am american. I hate this place with a passion man. It’s like the usa holds me back and keeps me from having the life I want. I dont want to be american. I dont want any of this. I dont like this country and i never have.

    I went to former commi lands but they dont like a man like me. The girl ended up hurting me deeply and using me. I am still messed up from all of that. As it stands I just have no future. I am becoming desperate and feel that my time is coming to an end unless I can make a chance. I am working now to gather my needs and prepare to depart somewhere. I dont know what I am doing, all i know is that I dont want to be here. my friends tell me what I am doing is stupid. But I really cant stand this life any more. I hate my life here and being surrounded by these ignorant, low class people. I live in a very low part of the usa that is filled with ignorance and stupidity. I am tired of this place, the culture, everything. I am preparing to do something about it in the near future. I want to have a future. How did you leave the usa? Are you rich or something?

  84. By Ronin on 9 August 2011

    @Kurt, you are absolutely right! I’ve seen and experienced the same great treatment by women in numerous other countries, including Canada. But, Asian countries are surely the best, IMHO.
    @Simba, dude, just make a move! Go, man, go! ANYWHERE!

  85. By Simba on 9 August 2011

    Are south Asian women nice? i am working on leaving. I had a fight today with a eu girl I know. i got tired of her stupidity. She is so cold and uncaring of me. She only wants attention from me. It was all one way emotionally . I am not going to see a girl who cant even write me.

    I am worried about immigration that is the thing that scares me the most. I worry a lot about them all of the time. How horrible they are even when I go to places on holiday. The UK being the worst. That place is a police state. I dont know where to go but i see the usa coming down. I am trying to sort myself out an get my plans together.

  86. By kurt on 9 August 2011

    No, Simba, I’m not rich…I’m actually quite poor…whoever said that moving away was for the rich?

    By coming to live in a former commie country, I’ve been able to have girlfriends that in the States would be considered “out of my league”… and I too had thought the same while being in the States, that “girls don’t like me”, that “I don’t have a chance”, etc.

    How did I get here? All I did was book a plane ticket, packed up my things and came here. I had no job, no work permit, no visa. I arranged all of that once I was here, which is more realistic to do here in person than from thousands of miles away in the States. And I’m not the only one.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it definitely seems to me that you are highly anxious or afraid to make the move and you always find an excuse for NOT going abroad to a specific place for this or that reason. Either it’s this, or you’re genuinely trying to find a utopian country, which unfortunately doesn’t exist. All places have their pluses and their minuses. Concentrate on the pluses and move to anywhere, Simba. In the end it’s not your US Citizenship that is stopping you, it is you yourself.

  87. By Mike Gogulski on 9 August 2011

    Can’t we all just get along?

  88. By Kurt on 9 August 2011

    @Mike: how you mean? I believe we’re all getting along just fine. Simba is suffering by continuing to be here in the States, and I’m just helping opening his eyes and encourage him to move. I wish him well at accomplishing this. Perhaps my posts may look like they have some tough love, but I wrote them that way for a reason.

  89. By Mike Gogulski on 9 August 2011

    @Kurt: My previous message refers to 1 May 1992:

    People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids?…It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice….They won the battle, but they haven’t won the war….Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out.

  90. By Mike Gogulski on 9 August 2011


  91. By Kurt on 9 August 2011

    Oh ok, never mind then…

  92. By Simba on 10 August 2011

    I went to Romania for a time but I didnt like it there. I have been looking at another place in the former ussr. I have heard some good things about it. also I forgot to mention I can speak some Deutsch and another language. Just a little. i talked to some people today about jobs, it was the same old deal, no work permit. Though I am happy that they at least talk to me. They reply to my emails. I Never get that in the usa.

    in the eu I have known some attractive women. Except for one who had ‘the body’ but her face looked so, so old. She was not so nice to me. I have yet to meet a nice eu woman but at least they kind of give me a chance over the usa where i am treated like I am invisible. I am not going to mince words. I really hate aspects of america man. Except for Disneyland. I do like that place and WDW. But other than that, no, there is not much i like here. I do not feel free and I certainly do not feel safe. i do not think your emails are tough or mean. You are trying to motivate me to take control. I understand. I am making a plan now to see what i should do. I wish I could talk to you in private about some places I have been looking at. I really want to find better life and have a chance to make some of my dreams come true. I just have never been happy in america. The usa is great for some people but not everyone likes it.

  93. By Simba on 10 August 2011

    A friend of mine left the usa in the late 90’s. He lives in south america. he also goes to Moldova and has some female friends there and in Poland. i am happy for him. I traveled to Poland once but I just did not get the vibe that women liked me there much. i tend to run into these man hating ex soviet women for some reason. You know the type, the real angry ones who think that they are gods gift to earth. They also talk badly about their nation often and their fathers. Then the other ones I meet are the mental cases and dykes. Like i nthe case of a Slovenian woman I knew once who the spitting image of Kim Cattral. it’s the same old thing, they deal with me like they dont know how to respond to me. Then there is the dismissal of me as ‘bad’. i tend to also end up with girls who have been cheated on or abused by their ex bf’s. I want to share some of these stories with you. I will set up a new email account soon that you can write me at if you like. There is more I can say about my experiences.

  94. By Simba on 10 August 2011

    Kurt, Ronin you can write me here.

    I will look forward to your email.

  95. By Simba on 14 August 2011

    I guess I ran everyone away with my long story.

  96. By Lefty Slim on 7 October 2011

    HELLO. intersting story? i have all my info. just need help with some papers, which order and such. there is much i know that i prefer to not say here. if you could, g, ah, get back to me about this. i’ve already called and know its there i “ahem” want my ??? profit.

  97. By dice on 13 October 2011

    I also am trying to get out of this place. Just lost a judgment on a child support case for 6 years back child support, putting me massively in debt to a woman who will not let me see my child. I’ve actually put back money to go to France anf do the Foreign Legion thing, but apparently, they can deny you a passport to leave because of back child support. Not that I’m trying to leave my kid behind or anything, but if all I have ever been allowed to see him was the 2 weeks right after he was born, and then be expected to still pay his mother (who by the way isn’t hurting for money), then I want out. Anyone have tips on how to get to France without a passport?

  98. By Barry Lanza on 24 November 2011

    I wrote this earlier… want France

    If you are a peaceful soul, you do not want to go into the US army as they go to war with someone new every year.

    If you do not want the peace corp, join the people who only know how To Surrender

    Join the French

    I also heard the French Foreign legion provide hookers for their soldiers and the French never do anything

    They pay in Euros, free board and you can get a French passport

  99. By Peter on 21 February 2012

    Reply to dice: If you consider to leave USA because they deny your passport request because you owe a lot money in child support,there will be very hard for you to exit from USA specially in your situation,you only have 3 options leaving USA with fake foreign nonbiometrical passport to a border point by car,I suggest look for Uruguay,Peru or Mexican passport,but remember leaving USA with a fake foreign passport you chances are kind of slim if the passport is not well fake and you not talking the language of the country passport you plan to buy,now the second option is to look to pay someone to hide you in a container that shipping stuff to European Union but chances are you would die suffocated in container unless if you know some crew member of the ship to hide you in the cabin room this way you have more chances, option 3 if you are divorce look for a women with Uruguay or Argentina citizenship that she living in USA without greencard someone desperate to married with a USA citizen,after you married with her you can apply for Uruguay residence first than after 3 years citizen ship to Uruguay embassy in USA but that after 3 years stay married than you get a legally Uruguay passport than you can get out of USA with a Uruguay passport without need of USA passport,in any circumstances is not easy,Remember a good counterfeit foreign passport might cost $3000-5000$ easy and you take huge risk to get caught,Those are not tips,i’m try to telling you the risk and what options you might have,I personally i would hire a lawyer to have that passport deny remove.Remember take in account even if you succeed to get out USA with fake passport when you get to French Foreign legion gate you need a real legal passport you might foul the dummy USA customs to mexican border to USA by car but you won’t foul the Gestapo of French Foreign Legion and if you don’t have your legal passport they would kick you out than you might not pass all the test to be accept in French Foreign Legion if you’re not healthy and in good psychical condition they would deny you and tell to come back to try again after 6 months,if you run out the money in Europe make sure don’t tell to many people you’re american many europeans now in this time don’t have a positive attitude about USA,tell everyone you’re from south america or Canada,Australia,New Zealand that would help you maybe to get more easy help and people are more likely to chat with you.If you want to stay ilegally in Europe your best bet is Spain or Portugal but jobs are low and bad paid but if you’re not asking for to much you would survive. I apologize for my english mistakes i’m european live in USA my english is not the best.

  100. By Robert C. on 25 May 2012

    I’m a survivalist. Live where ever you want! Truth is learn native plants and animals for foraging. Go to Dr. Green Dean can help you learn what to eat in the wild. Urban foraging and homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Many churches have outreach programs. The shelters I wouldn’t consider due to theft and noise. A lean-to in the woods can get you over for a while. for a social life there’s always others hanging around parks, libraries, churches and beaches. I’m a registered person so if you have a checkered past best hook up with a kind older woman that needs some fixing around the house. Being poor anywhere is still being poor. Best just be poor in a good climate. Orange County California is a nice place. Even the County jail is nice to live in for a while. They have programs and activities from education to internet and a good library. The climate is such that you don’t get to cold or to hot. The food is freshly grown at the farm in Irvine. So if you need a place to stay out of the rain the OC jail system isn’t that bad. Otherwise the weather beaches and parks are the best! If you happen to desire it I’ve seen some fair looking street women here as well. That sounds weird, but being alone sucks. I’d suggest at least getting a dog. A good dog can see, smell and hear better than you when you are sleeping at night.

  101. By jack on 3 December 2012

    hey simba…you whined alot…i am American and have NEVER had a problem finding a job…if you want to work, jobs are there…and you are treated how you are,because you put up with it…1 word is dont put up with any shit…

  102. By Barry Lanza on 5 December 2012

    There are now several European countries which will grant you residence if you buy property there including Portugal, Latvia, Ireland and soon Spain

  103. By Simba on 11 December 2012

    “By jack on 3 December 2012

    hey simba…you whined alot…i am American and have NEVER had a problem finding a job…if you want to work, jobs are there…and you are treated how you are,because you put up with it…1 word is dont put up with any shit”

    I wish this were true but in reality it is not. The world is not fair and if you do not fit the image, colour or gender that a company is looking for you will not be hired. It’s that simple. How far you get in life is all about what you look like and what gifts you were given when born. There are those who are loved and then there are those who are not. If you are rich you have it all. If you are not you are living a living death sentence. That is the real world.

  104. By Rohry on 6 February 2013

    USA citizenship? Buyer beware. Its a real mindfuck. Simba’s feeling of being trapped is easy to understand really. I finally walked.

  105. By Rohry on 6 February 2013

    I was a free man until I placed myself in the lifetime shackles of US citizenship. A real American con job.

  106. By Ryan on 9 February 2013

    US citizenship is indeed a complete con job. Only to be a slave to a system that destroys humanity.

  107. By Dr. Sage: Million on 19 February 2013

    Bunkum Rubbish Service
    we research sovereignty secured party creditors

  108. By Mike Gogulski on 20 February 2013

    Sorry, d00d, but your ill-informed “sovereign secession” garbage isn’t welcome here.

  109. By Dr. Sage: Million on 23 February 2013

    Sovereignty Intelligence Service
    you dont need to be stateless, we can help free of charge. oh and by the way the US can not legally demand you have have an adhesion contract with a state or country. Mike Gogulski please contact sovereign ASAP

  110. By Dr. Sage: Million on 23 February 2013

    retraction, we just reread the the issue disregard offer

  111. By Luke on 31 May 2013

    Well, I’m in a similar situation. I just found out that I was accused of a felony (fraud) and the State Dep’t won’t issue me a passport. I didn’t even know I’d been charged EIGHT YEARS AGO!! I’ve been living under my real name, b-day and using my real SSN this whole time! Shit, I even joined the Army for five years and deployed to Iraq, Qatar and Oman! They could’ve told me, and the could’ve found me anytime; I wasn’t hiding! Point is that now I can’t get a passport…and I have a trip planned and paid for to Cyprus next month! How the hell am I supposed to travel, not to mention stay out of jail?

  112. By Barry Lanza on 31 May 2013

    The government may have you on their ‘list’.

    I got a fake audit on a bank account I did not own and said I have interest. I said give me the bank account info and I will gladly give you a cut. They sent the audit years AFTER I renounced my citizenship and the IRS is required to ‘settle all accounts’ before I could renounce. They sent the audit to an address that did not exist and misspelled my name. They then took money from my wife’s Social security. I get the run around and want to go to court, They hide as I was on the Lockerbie witness list pointing to Iran and was invited to the 911 commission (and attended).

    Confront them as it will not go away. Get a video of the proceeding as Veterans and it will be fixed the other way.

    I am going to do that and watch them hide.
    In the end, they will have to go to court and they don’t want to go on court record as it will blow up on them.

  113. By none on 29 April 2014

    USA is not the best country to live in. Government has now put in laws to detain anyone for any length of time for no reason. The amount of prejudiced is the number one murder rate in the USA. Not only sex offenders get killed but also there wives and their children get beaten.

  114. By Jack Bauer on 10 May 2014

    I just came across this site and found all the conversations between the other visitors and “SIMBA” and have to say that this soap opera has been entertaining for the past week or so. Thanks for the entertainment!

    I don’t know if Simba is a dedicated troll, or just totally mental. But he is funny, and I am sure people like him exist in the world.

    For one guys, renouncing US Citizenship is the dumbest idea ever. Unless you are already Japanese or German or similar nationality. Even then you would have to question your decision. If you are only America, and have no rights anywhere else, do you know what renouncing US Citizenship means? You can no longer work in America, unless you can get a visa and work permit. Or green card. Good luck getting that as a homeless and stateless person. You cannot get welfare. No food stamps. No visa to another country. Homeless heroin addicts will have a better life than you.

    As for where in the world is better than America? Good question. Is there any nation comparable to the USA? Maybe. Better even? Maybe. But it depends on the person. I have lived all over the UK, several nations in the EU, Eastern Europe, East Asia, SE Asia, S America, Australia, and Africa. Not everywhere, but pretty close. Then I got married and had kids. Where did I decide to raise them? America.

    Sure, America sucks. It is garbage. It is getting worse. But it still has the most to offer. Look at the figures. We have a massive house, with lots of property, and a view of the Rocky Mountains out our windows. For $100 a month. Where in the WORLD can you get that? We have one of the lowest population densities. We can travel thousands of miles in any direct and live in 50 different States without any kind of visa. Our total utilities are about $100 a month. Including the world’s fasted high speed internet. We have free cell phones. Hundreds a month(or more) in free food. If we do pay for food, it is the cheapest and most delicious in the world. We have all the electronics we would ever want for dirt cheap prices. The cheapest and highest quality clothing and furniture, that we generally get for free. Free education through doctorates. Free medical care. Free dental care.

    We have Freedoms. Protections. Democracy. Individuality. And…everyone here speaks English.

    Does America suck? Yes. But it sucks way less than other places. I am not a “patriot”. I do not have a gun rack in my pick up truck. Nor do I chew tobacco and date my sister. But I am raising my children in this safe, free, and cheap nation.

    Just something to think about. And if you have strangers at your door shouting “faggot!”…Call the cops maybe?

  115. By Barry Lanza on 21 June 2014

    Jack Bauer

    You are right that you should and WILL have to get another citizenship or another government backing for the US to allow you to renounce… they will not allow you to go stateless

    There is only 1 case where political asylum against the US worked. I was supposed to get political Asylum in Spain in 1989 in relation to my Lockerbie information. Spain said the Bush administration stopped them as they could not embarrass another NATO member so I was forced back. I said it had to do with Iran. I ended up getting an Irish citizenship through my grandmother.

    My wife’s family in Iran ( – a nuclear foundation) were involved in a coup attempt around the time of the Lockerbie bombing to stick in the Shah’s son. PanAm largest shareholder was the Shah’s family and as of March 2014, the Scottish government accepted the bombing had to do with Iran, not Libya.For various economical and political reasons, everyone covered it up.

    150 years of Slavery, American Indians and 110,000 Japanese in ‘camps’ ; victims were not allowed political asylum, The US will not allow anyone to save they do political abuse.

    , Jack Bauer

    Free education through doctorates. Free medical care. Free dental care and 100 dollar a month rent…

    not in America….Student loan debt just surpassed 1 trillion USD and the largest reason for bankruptcy is medical bills.

    Not true

  116. By Guest on 26 July 2014

    “For $100 a month. Where in the WORLD can you get that? We have one of the lowest population densities. We can travel thousands of miles in any direct and live in 50 different States without any kind of visa. Our total utilities are about $100 a month. Including the world’s fasted high speed internet. We have free cell phones. Hundreds a month(or more) in free food. If we do pay for food, it is the cheapest and most delicious in the world. We have all the electronics we would ever want for dirt cheap prices. The cheapest and highest quality clothing and furniture, that we generally get for free. Free education through doctorates. Free medical care. Free dental care.”

    What alternate universe are you living in, Jack Bauer?

  117. By JJ on 16 March 2015

    “Free education through doctorates. Free medical care. Free dental care and 100 dollar a month rent…

    not in America….Student loan debt just surpassed 1 trillion USD and the largest reason for bankruptcy is medical bills.”

    If you are not smart enough to get a job that provides you the health care you need or not smart enough to take advantage of the government subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, then what country will want you besides a backwater? Seriously?

    Yes, 1 trillion, whooptie do, you can pull guessed statistics from the media that you cannot even wrap your mind around.

    The fact is that in Australia and the United Kingdom, the cost of university is similar to the US. Actually higher in Australia. In Sweden, where university is free, they have quite a bit of student debt: 124,000 Swedish krona ($19,000). The average US student was carrying about 30% more, at $24,800. And yet, students in Germany and the UK have far lower debts than in Sweden. And 85% of Swedish students graduate with debt, versus only 50% in the US. Worst of all, new Swedish graduates have the highest debt-to-income ratios of any group of students in the developed world (according to estimates of what they’re expected to earn once they get out of school)—somewhere in the neighborhood of 80%. The US, where we’re constantly being told that student debt is hitting crisis proportions, the average is more like 60%.

    The fact is, the US government provides subsidies and medical care to the poor and elderly. Medicare and Medicaid e.g.

    It seems that you are just whining about your failures rather than the failures of the system, which seem to work fine for a majority of people and immigrants who seek a better life.

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