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12 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Imagine growing up in a world where maybe 5-10% of students in your class graduate with a felony criminal sex offender record that will haunt them for their entire lives for having exchanged naked photos or video of themselves with their bf/gf while under the age of 15 or 16 via cheap, ubiquitous technology and expensive yet still ubiquitous surveillance… that’s America in 5 years.

And that’s Web 3.0. Papers, please.

From The Telegraph:

One in five teens engage in ‘tech sex’

One in five teenagers say they have sent naked or partially-clothed images of themselves to someone by email or mobile phone, according to a poll in America.

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  2. By koo on 12 December 2008

    This is why we need government to stop this kind of corruption of youth, concentrating on movies or video games that are rated mature yet easily available is not dealing with the problem. Government officials and the police must show strength by punishing parents who let their children do something awful like this, it might even be necessary to ration these useful but corruptive gadgets and certainly to survey internet and cell-phone usage.

    Please! Think of the children!

  3. By Peter Kovar on 12 December 2008

    I hope that this comment above is only a BAD joke.

  4. By koo on 12 December 2008

    No, it’s a good one. A very good one.

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 12 December 2008

    It’s not a joke at all. It’s a psychological manipulation device designed to trick the reader into breaking out of a conditioned mindset.

  6. By Royce Christian on 13 December 2008

    Oh, so like dope or lsd?

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 13 December 2008

    One might say…

  8. By Aussie on 16 December 2008

    Or a satire to show the stupidity of that train of thought…. I would hope so, at least.

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