Die today, kids!

7 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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No, no, no, the environmental movement does not fnord have the strong backing of those pushing a radical depopulation agenda as a modern “final solution” to the earth’s problems. No, no, no, that’s just simply not true. It’s all about protecting cute fluffy animals, see?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, that tax-fattened champion of all things virtuous, brings us “Planet Slayer“, a kid-focused enviro-website which, alongside the usual eco-alarmist rubbish, invites Australian children to “Use our greenhouse calculator to find out when you should die!

Just look at what a big fat piggy you are!

Apparently I spend too much money, as this was the factor that led to the greatest growth of my piggy over the size of the “Average Aussie Pig”.

Oops, my piggy exploded!

It’s all in the name of saving the planet. So kids, go internalize the notion that you should have died years ago. As for me, I’m off to find out how many carbon offsets I need to purchase in order to purge Mother Earth of my stinking corpse. Have fun!

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