Halp! HTML/CSS issue

20 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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So, can any of my readers who are web programmers/designers tell me why the list of Reddit stories I added to my center column lines up properly in Firefox and Opera but has each line indented by one pixel more than the line above it in MSIE?

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  2. By knirirr on 20 December 2008

    I’m not sure offhand, but it might be worth saving the page from Firefox and opening the saved page in IE. If there’s any difference check the code to see how Firefox has saved the relevant part of your page and update your code accordingly.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 20 December 2008

    Most of the code there is generated by a script loaded from I’ve applied my own CSS to it in the main WordPress stylesheet. I’m thinking it’s an IE bug, actually…

  4. By knirirr on 20 December 2008

    The problem is almost certainly IE and all that can be done is to find some code that it doesn’t mess up. The method I suggested sometimes works. Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge of the particular deficiencies in IE that might cause this.

  5. By dusoft on 20 December 2008

    Quick Google search shows this:
    or this:

  6. By Sunni on 20 December 2008

    MSIE is notorious for breaking code, even standards-compliant code. I dunno if dusoft’s links have successful workarounds for you, but Googling on the problem should turn up something. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

    [rant](Look at almost any WP or Blogger theme and there’ll be at least a few lines devoted to trying to get MSIE to play nice with the design. Annoying as hell, and just one more reason to encourage people to switch to a browser that doesn’t intentionally break designs.)[/rant]

  7. By David Z on 20 December 2008

    Agreed with those above – it’s probably an IE problem, even IE 7 gums up (especially) css.

    IDK what your stats look like, but something like 70%+ of my traffic comes from Firefox. Unless there’s a serious bug with IE, I don’t worry about it anymore.

  8. By Ethan Lee Vita on 20 December 2008

    Would it be overkill to blame IE again? 🙂

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 21 December 2008

    All right, thanks everyone 🙂 I haven’t completely solved the problem yet but I’ve cured the immediate trouble. I was overreaching a bit with my CSS-hacking attempts, without sufficient knowledge of MSIE’s stupidity. Consider me edu-mer-kated 🙂

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