Elsewhere, part 2

22 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Second in a series tracking media and blogosphere reaction to my renunciation of US citizenship. The first part is here. Thanks to everyone who has been helping spread the word!

Mainstream media:

I received an email on Wednesday asking if I would make myself available for an interview with a major Slovak weekly magazine, Plus 7 dní. I replied in the affirmative right away. Several hours later, I got a message back saying that the magazine would not be writing on this topic at this time. Someone’s story idea got shot down by an editor.

News sites:

My jaw dropped to see my own story featured as the lead item on the December 16 issue of Strike the Root. Wow. I’m honored.


Royce Christian, at his new .urbandissent blog: Souless? Not such a bad thing… (post on state provision of the identity, partly inspired by my renunciation)

Enlightened Rogue: Quotes of the Week (quotation from press release)

Free of State: “PAY US, OR WE WILL KILL YOU” — RENOUNCE THE STATE (press release)

Greensboring: He gave up his U.S. citizenship (press release link, favorable blog post, mixed discussion)

Bob Kaercher’s The Postmodern Tribune: Randomly Associational Interwebbery (press release link, friendly commentary)

Liberty Pile: Weekly Minute 12/13/2008-12/19/2008 (link to press release)

Martin Rojko: Mike Gogulski bez štátneho občianstva (press release, in Slovak)

John Simpson’s jms1blog: A friend has renounced his US Citizenship (press release link, friendly commentary)


Baexpats (Buenos Aires expat forum): Divorce with USA (press release, generally unfriendly discussion)

Anywhere in the world, if a smoking hot, rich, brilliant, funny, creative, intellectually curious, athletic, caring, considerate woman is willing to put up with a guy like me so that she can have permanent legal access to the USA, I’m totally game. Why would someone take such a valuable commodity and flush it down the toilet?

— “Napoleon”, posting in the comments

Oh noes! My chances with shallow, opportunistic women seeking to realize their princess dreams by hooking up with rich foreigners have been totally ruined!

Mises Institute Forum: Bratislava resident renounces American citizenship, becomes stateless person (link posted by DixieFlatline of the No Treason blog, generally friendly discussion)

Slovak-World Yahoo Group: Stateless in Slovakia (press release link, generally unfriendly or irrelevant discussion)

Stormfront: American renounces citizenship and becomes stateless (press release, discussion ranging from positive to utterly bizarre)

Receiving attention from the Intertube’s most notorious white supremacist website is decidedly creepy. Link posted, with reservations, for the sake of completeness.



YouTube: Mike gives USA One Finger Salute, by AzraelsJudgment of Azrael’s Free Thoughts (friendly report and commentary)

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