Texas: Court-mandated assault for skipping school

8 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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More torture for children’s victimless crimes, courtesy of the State.

Repeat after me:

  • Public school is about learning, not indoctrination or obedience training
  • Children are property
  • Initiating violence against someone is OK when the law says so
  • Children are slaves
  • Offending the State is a true crime
  • Torture is OK
  • The theory that people beaten as children go on to beat children and commit grander crimes is ridiculous

From KGBT-TV, Texas:

Lawsuit: Los Fresnos JP ordered spankings

5 June 2008

Texas: It's like a whole 'nother country

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS (AP) — A Los Fresnos family is going to court to prevent a Cameron County justice of the peace from ordering spankings in his courtroom.

A lawsuit filed today alleges Justice of the Peace Gustavo “Gus” Garza told a 14-year-old girl’s stepfather to strike her repeatedly on the buttocks in open court.

If he didn’t, the judge said the girl would be found guilty and fined $500 for truancy.

The lawsuit by Mary Vasquez and her husband, Daniel Zurita, described the paddle provided by Garza as large and heavy and fashioned from a thick piece of lumber.

In a story for The Brownsville Herald, Garza declined to comment on whether he has people spanked in his courtroom. He also said he had not seen the lawsuit.

Zurita says he didn’t feel as if he had a choice but to follow the order.

In an affidavit, Zurita says that when he was through, the judge told him he had not struck the girl hard enough.

Selected, choice comments to the article:

A student who is truant is violating the law and causing the school to lose funding. The kid’s step father couldn’t control the kid (Is he a wimp?). Far too many judges refuse to enforce the law. Judge garza should be recognized for enforcing the law. The parent had three choices: Make thge kid go to school, pay a fine, or paddle the kid–and he is now crying about his choice. Again, I ask if he is a wimp?

— Terry Oberg, Mcallen

Spank Her Good

The judge should have had a police officer spank that brat. Getting a strong, muscle-head cop to do the spanking would have been ideal. Then I would have paddled the hell out of the parents too. They know when their child is not attending school. I bet you she will be pregnant and on public assistance before she is 18 years old. Thats all we need another dumb teenaged parent with an attitude. Sorry if it seems harsh but thats what it is. Just a thought!

— l deleon, harlingen

Ordered Spankings

Go Judge Garza! It’s about time someone taught kids now a days about discipline. This lawsuit is a joke. If we as parents don’t want to be at this point where we are at court having to spank our kids in front of a group of people, we need to start doing it at home. We as parents need to pay more attention to our kids and instill in them the importance of education and teach them discipline. Besides its the parents spanking the kids in court not anyone else. You as parents have a right to do that if you love your child and want him or her to grow up and become a good citizen. Believe me it will only take one good spanking for your child to know that you are serious about what’s good for them. Hey you’re even saving yourself $500 that you probably don’t have!

— N R, Los Fresnos

Good for Judge Garza

Lack of discipline is what is breaking down our society. Children will not learn, pay attention in class, or even attend class, as in this case, without proper discipline. The judge ordering the parents to “paddle” not beat the child is a clear indication that at least one judge realizes that a lot more parents need to take responsibility for their children’s discipline and not rely on the courts or the state for raising their children. Isn’t it interesting that these people can afford a lawyer to sue for tax payer dollars but they couldn’t afford to pay the $500 fine for their child’s truancy and instead oppted for the corporal punishment and are now crying foul. This is just another attempt to make a fast buck by milking the system. If we had more judges like Garza maybe some actual learning will take place in schools and the community would be a lot better off because this would raise the quality of life for everyone.

— Juan Ochoa, Hidalgo County

Aw heck, why don’t we just bring back the whip and the stocks while we’re at it? Nothing’s too good for our kids here in Texas!

  1. 5 Responses to “Texas: Court-mandated assault for skipping school”

  2. By Royce Christian on 8 June 2008

    It makes me wonder how willing would people like, Juan Ochoa and Terry Oberg be to allow themselves to be punished in this manner. I’m sure if it they were ordered to be paddled in a public court they’d be up in arms organising riots and protests. But because it’s a 14 year old girl and not some 45 year old Texan male, it’s all okay. It’s a horrible story and I hope her parents outright refuse to obey the judge.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 8 June 2008

    The step-father apparently did beat the girl in court, with a paddle provided by the judge, rather than pay a $500 fine.

  4. By Bob Baker on 23 August 2008

    I guess the advocates of child beating were beaten themselves and are continuing this criminal act.
    The Judge needs to be tarred and feathered.
    As for the idiots who said the girl will be pregnant and on welfare — well the truth be told, single mothers on welfare were usually victims of corporal punishment and beatings — that is actually what happens. Get you head out of the sand.

  5. By Philly sazer on 27 May 2009

    Beating Is never tolerable from a parent, is it? From a judge though, some fat prick, it is all but horrible for a female or male child to be hit in a manner to hurt, just to get a messge through? You ignorant Texan pricks, the whole of you WOULD say she is a brat and deserves it. So I’m sure if you have children, you beat them too. Just how you would like the police officer to beat the girl. That is goddamn SICK. The world is better off without people and parents like you pricks

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