Dear tool

24 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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You are the technician tightening bolts on the Enola Gay. You are the clerk with the bad attitude behind the desk at the motor vehicles office. You are the janitor cleaning up the blood after the firing squad is finished. You are the programmer coding for the tax authority. You are the accountant for the land mine manufacturer. You are the policeman shooting the dog. You are the economist justifying inflation. You are the drill sergeant training men to kill. You are the legislator scheming for graft. You are the hangman tying the noose. You are the tech support person fixing the general’s email. You are the judge who beats his wife. You are the translator for the military ammunition tender. You are the inquisitor strapping the heathen to the rack. You are the logistics officer making sure the missiles get to the front line. You are the professor applying for the government grant. You are the plumber for the prison. You are the editor squelching the controversial view. You are the mathematician for the spy agency. You are the priest serving the pharaoh. You are the project manager bidding on the army contract. You are the installer putting up the surveillance camera. You are the bank officer filing the suspicious transaction report. You are the customs inspector. You are the teacher exhorting the students to pledge to the flag. You are the craftsman repairing the guillotine. You are the engineer designing the bomb. You are the businessman without conscience. You are the school principal paddling the student. You are the receptionist at the embassy. You are the security guard at the munitions dump. You are the agent infiltrating the activist group. You are the carpenter assembling the cross for the crucifixion. You are the chauffeur for the politician. You are the cop gassing the protester. You are the news commentator apologizing for war. You are the doctor preparing the lethal injection. You are the lawyer justifying torture. You are the research assistant at the bio-weapons lab. You are the informant ratting out the neighbor. You are the construction worker building the border fence. You are the graphic designer for the propaganda campaign. You are the soldier bayoneting the child.

How can you sleep at night?

Merry Christmas, you fucking tool.

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  2. By Seth on 24 December 2008

    …and a Happy New Year!

  3. By Seth on 24 December 2008

    Yer post totally reminded me of this killer quote:

    “Modern war and oppression are carried out by a long chain of individuals, each doing his or her job meticulously while simultaneously refusing to look at the end results of his or her work.”

    From: A Military Chaplain Repents

  4. By WalKnDude on 25 December 2008

    with added video.
    thanks. pushing.

  5. By P.M.Lawrence on 25 December 2008

    Just a couple of minor quibbles. Egyptian priests generally didn’t serve the Pharaoh but the hierarchy and their gods (though they sometimes did, even if only incidentally – which would qualify under your criteria). And informants ratting out neighbours were generally caught in a web of disinformation; they didn’t know if that was what they were doing or if they themselves were being tested by having information dangled in front of them to see if they would report it.

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 25 December 2008

    Seth: Thanks very much for linking the Zabelka interview. I’d never read it before. Subtracting out the religious message per my own lack of belief, the Reverend says exactly what I wanted to communicate here, and does so grandly. Wow.

  7. By giancarlo on 26 December 2008

    You forgot to mention a few tools…

    If you use money – of any kind you are a filthy tool. If you don’t grow your own food, from seeds you collected in the wild, then you are a clueless fool & and a tool of the System. If you are looking at this post through a Mac, or a PC, and some corporate or state owned fiber – clicking and funding all along the way, you are a tool. If you are too lazy to sew your own clothing, and instead buy it new, or worse yet, second hand from other tools (who will take some of the money you pay and voluntarily pay taxes), then you are a tool. As a matter of fact, if you first acknowledge, and then give up your citizenship, in a “lawful” manner, then you have given the System your tacit approval, and have become just another legitimizing tool of the State.

    Merry Christmas to you, too.

  8. By Mike Gogulski on 26 December 2008

    Giancarlo: Our mileage clearly varies.

  9. By Seth on 26 December 2008

    Mike: Yeah, I forgot the qualify the Zabelka article with a statement like “from a military chaplain no less” Would be nice if the comment system gave you the ability to edit submissions.

    I keep that article bookmarked though, because it hits the nail on the head. And it’s encouraging to see that kind of sense coming from religious folk.

  10. By Ethan Lee Vita on 26 December 2008

    “You are the janitor cleaning up the blood after the firing squad is finished.”

    Seems so surreal.

  11. By Mike Gogulski on 27 December 2008

    Seth: Clear enough anyway. Yeah, you’re right, editing might be nicer, but then it would play hell with the ability to subscribe to a comments feed and track a conversation that way. How would edited comments be handled/flagged? Anyway, I’m not big enough here to worry too much about that, one can always post another 🙂

    Ethan: That’s just the taste I’m looking for here…

  12. By domesticinsurgent on 3 January 2009

    ………jut another brick in the wall or cog in the machine……..
    People do not think nor care, for the most part. Good post.

  13. By Luke7777777 on 4 January 2009

    I translated your text into Polish and published it here:

    I agree with you 100% that we need to underline the responsibility of those who take part in immoral activities to any degree (maybe especially individuals who choose to cooperate with state agents / functionaries) and I highly respect your decision to forgo some financial benefits in order to avoid breaking the non-aggressiom axiom (even to the point of disagreeing to cooperate with private companies that do any amount of the state agents’ dirty work) – though giancarlo seems to have a point when he writes: “if you first acknowledge, and then give up your citizenship, in a “lawful” manner, then you have given the System your tacit approval, and have become just another legitimizing tool of the State.” Shouldn’t we – as anarchists/agorists – just ignore state functionaries and not engage in any activities that may give even a slight hint of legitimacy? (Just a thought – maybe your approach (official renunciation of citizenship) is the right way. Well, maybe it’s “the right way” for you and each agorist has their own, individual way of cutting their connections with state functionaries and getting engaged in free market activities.)


  14. By Mike Gogulski on 6 January 2009

    Thanks, Luke!

    Honestly, I’m not well persuaded by the “your renunciation gives acknowledgment” argument. The acknowledgment is irrelevant: states exist, levy taxes and kill people.

    Cutting my ties with the United States government was principally a means of divorce from the United States government, a loathsome institution that I found myself bound to by accident of birth. Whether it’s of any value to the anarchist/agorist praxis at all remains to be seen. Certainly I don’t expect a flood of copycat actions, though I have received a small number of private inquiries from individuals saying they are pondering a similar move — and not just with respect to the US.

    Meanwhile, it’s time to find out what being stateless is like…

  15. By Ethan Lee Vita on 6 January 2009

    I don’t think its acknowledgment of the state so much, but giving proof of legitimacy by going through their methods and legal system.

  16. By Mike Gogulski on 8 January 2009

    @Ethan: Maybe someone’s gotta ‘splain it to me better, but even after several days of considering this matter, I keep coming back to the same thought: Who cares? If the “price” of cutting my legal relationship to the US government is a bit of dubious “legitimacy” lent thereto, well, I consider it a beneficial trade, both for myself and for my conspecifics.

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