Christmas at Ground Zero

25 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Weird Al Yankovic, “Christmas at Ground Zero”, 1986

It’s Christmas at ground zero
There’s music in the air
The sleigh bells are ringing and the carolers are singing
While the air raid sirens blare

It’s Christmas at ground zero
The button has been pressed
The radio just let us know
That this is not a test

Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping
It’s the end of all humanity
No more time for last-minute shopping
It’s time to face your final destiny

Its Christmas at ground zero
There’s panic in the crowd
We can dodge debris while we trim the tree
Underneath the mushroom cloud

You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop
Or jack frost on your windowsill
But if someone’s climbing down your chimney
You better load your gun and shoot to kill

Its Christmas at ground zero
And if the radiation level’s okay
I’ll go out with you and see all the new
Mutations on new years day

Its Christmas at ground zero
Just seconds left to go
I’ll duck and cover with my Yuletide lover
Underneath the mistletoe

Its Christmas at ground zero
Now the missiles are on their way
What a crazy fluke, we’re gonna get nuked
On this jolly holiday

  1. 13 Responses to “Christmas at Ground Zero”

  2. By WalKnDude on 25 December 2008

    so you gonna say hi?
    come on now, after all this, you can’t just be all talk. let’s have a chat. brew up some Fun.

  3. By WalKnDude on 25 December 2008

    you might be smart, or not.
    and i am not asking.

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 25 December 2008

    Hello, and welcome. And yes, I might be smart, or not. We’ll see.

  5. By WalKnDude on 26 December 2008

    Hi Mr Gogulski,
    Sorry to be so abrupt. But I still live in the states. As does my family. This has gone to far. Hiding in a hole, or somewhere. Is not acceptable for Any of us. I personally have traced this all back to Nasa Ames Research Center. Google Plex. Home to 5 US Army Reserve PSYOPS units.
    We still have United States Law. While we do, we have to make arrests. Not ask nazi’s how they feel about the Facts. I need you’re, and everyone’s help. It’s time to step up, for everyone on Earth.

    James Tracy Cuneo

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 26 December 2008

    James: So, what’s the plan then?

  7. By WalKnDude on 26 December 2008

    ex security, and military staff. disgruntled blackwater, ex military.
    let the courts sort it out later.
    researchers for more solid proof than i can provide. a few respected lawyers to say ‘Felony’. then arrests.
    i have my strengths, and my weakness. i can do my end. i need help with the rest.

  8. By WalKnDude on 26 December 2008

    if that’s a problem. we can all way’s go with the local gang. and KMart.

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 26 December 2008

    Sounds interesting, but who’s the target? And did you miss the bit where, since I renounced my citizenship, I can’t travel to the US?

  10. By WalKnDude on 26 December 2008

    i take it you can read. sir.
    read up.

    as for where you live. i don’t live by lines on a map. nor do they.

  11. By WalKnDude on 26 December 2008

    i’m getting some bad vibes. here.
    any reason for that. sir.

  12. By Mike Gogulski on 27 December 2008

    Taking out Psyops units isn’t going to make a bit of difference, assuming that’s who your target is. Even if the people you’re thinking of are those responsible for whatever it is to which you refer, the people who control them have far more tools in their kit, and those guys are less than expendable. Of course, that wouldn’t stop me cheering if such a deed were done.

    Bad vibes? No idea, really.

  13. By WalKnDude on 27 December 2008

    i could care less about who and what. simply the free flow of information.
    this in itself.
    will be the end for these nazi’s.

    no idea where the servers are, who is in control. i have what i believe. it needs to be looked at. if it’s military, that is who it is. if it’s some kids with pimples, then that is who. if israelis, lizards. i could care less. this Ends.

  14. By Neville on 18 October 2011


    You’ve been skipping you’re medication again and you’ve fallen down the tin foil fruitcake hole.

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