Free Janine! And all political prisoners!

31 December 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Janine James, née Lindemulder, is an adult film star better known to fans simply as “Janine” and famed largely for her performances in all-girl scenes such as those in Vivid Video’s Where the Boys Aren’t series.

Janine’s going to federal prison for six months for tax evasion.

Janine James née Janine Lindemulder

Janine James née Janine Lindemulder, political prisoner

From The News-Review, Roseburg, Oregon:

An adult film actress […] was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for tax evasion.

U.S. Magistrate Thomas Coffin also ordered Janine M. James, 40, to live in a residential community corrections center for up to six months after her release from prison and to serve one year of supervised release.


Known in the adult film world as Janine Lindemulder, James pleaded guilty last summer to intentionally failing to pay her income taxes. During her sentencing in U.S. District Court in Eugene, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Cardani said James currently owes $294,000 in back taxes.

James, who first appeared in Penthouse magazine as the Pet of the Month in 1987 and later appeared in more than 50 adult films, was given until March 10 to report to prison.

I feel safer already.

Many people oppose pornography, saying that it’s degrading to women. In some cases, that’s very well-founded. In many others, it’s either untrue or irrelevant, reflecting the speaker’s own tastes rather than anything the rest of us need concern ourselves with.

As for degrading, though, what could be more degrading than writing this, as Janine did in her letter to the court?

“At this low point in my life, I tried to create the lifestyle I thought was taken from Sunny when her father left me for Sandra Bullock. That was a big mistake,” she wrote. “I was hurt and confused and made bad decisions about how I spent my money, ignoring my back taxes. I was threatened and intimidated by Jesse’s wealth, afraid I might lose my daughter to that wealth someday, and tried to ‘keep up.’”

Sunny is Janine’s almost-five-year-old daughter by one Jesse James, some other celebrity type, and will be placed in the custody of James and Bullock while Janine serves her time in the State’s cage.

Certainly, crimes have been committed here. But not the fantasy crime that was prosecuted — failing to timely bend over for your master — and that Janine will suffer for by being locked in cages away from her daughter for six months of her life and being forced into a State brainwashing program in the guise of a “halfway house”. The real crimes here are those of people like U.S. Magistrate Thomas Coffin, the IRS agents and Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Cardani, quoted in the article:

United States Criminal Christopher Cardani

United States Criminal Christopher Cardani

“While [Wesley] Snipes failed to report far more income than defendant James, her tax defiant conduct is similarly offensive. She has demonstrated an attitude of greed and privilege, and has taken advantage of her status as a high profile figure, while at the same time wantonly ignoring her obligation to pay taxes,” Cardani wrote in a pre-sentencing memo. “A meaningful sentence is necessary to get the message to her and others that no one is beyond the law and they must pay their taxes just like everyone else.”

You smug prick, Cardani. You want an image of “greed and privilege”? Take a good look in the mirror. You fucking tool. People have an “obligation” to pay taxes in the same way they have an “obligation” to hand over 100% of everything when a mugger sticks a gun in their face and says: “Give me all your money!” — that is, no obligation whatsoever.

For further degradation, head on over to the Luke is Back blog (warning: barely safe for work), where Luke reports on this story back in August when Janine pled guilty as part of an extortionate plea agreement. Commentary on the posting includes such illuminating gems as:

What in the world possesses people to refuse to pay their taxes? All these people volunteer to join the military and die for the nations cause and pieces of white filthy trash like Janine selfishly try to circumvent the system that pays for it.


Dumb, antisocial whore.

Way to blame and degrade the victim while feeding your own statist, sexist delusions, guys.

Free Janine! And all political prisoners!

  1. 8 Responses to “Free Janine! And all political prisoners!”

  2. By Jim Davidson on 31 December 2008

    I think the judge wants to have sex with her. That’s why he’s demanding that she live in a state contract (corruptly allocated contract, of course) facility where he and his buddies can go rape her repeatedly. What a brute.

    Thanks for reporting on this important issue.

  3. By Jim Davidson on 31 December 2008

    Everyone should be defiant about taxes. Paying taxes to feed the war machine, or to have huge bail out funds paid over to big banking gangsters is not a blessing. Volunteering to go fight in some oil company’s war in Iraq doesn’t strike me as sensible, either.

    Of course, picking on Wesley Snipes is harder than picking on a porn actress. Snipes could actually kick Cardani’s ass, whereas Janine would likely only be expected to lick it.

  4. By Buck Golden on 1 January 2009

    Interesting comparison between being robbed and being obligated to pay one’s taxes.

    The difference is that being robbed at gunpoint is illegal and being forced to pay your taxes isn’t illegal.

    I don’t agree with everything taxes pay for (like unjust wars and congressional pay raises) but I still pay mine.

    Celebrities shouldn’t be above the law.

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 1 January 2009

    Buck: The reader is challenged to recognize that not all things which are legal are right.

  6. By Jim Davidson on 2 January 2009

    On the contrary, Buck, when the law is wrong, EVERYONE is above the law.

  7. By Alexis J. on 2 January 2009

    Hell yeah!! Free Janine from the IRS Gestapo bastards. A agree Jim, everyone should be defiant about taxes. Those crooked motherfuckers can’t arrest everyone and operate a cartel in every sense of the word. Cardani is definitely the douche-bag of the day.

  8. By Eamonn on 11 January 2009

    I am shocked to the core. Weeping. I am trembling with rage. How could they do this to her? Why are they so hard on certain individuals? They give their thoughts away – their real belief system. They have no idea what Janine has gone through to get where she is today, how hard she has worked.

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