“Deadbeat dad” a prisoner of America

28 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Someone who found my blog and made their way to my other website where I list my instant messaging contacts struck up a brief conversation with me. It is reproduced here, in slightly edited form.

Conversation with He at 3:09 AM:

(3:09 AM) He: Way to go! I hope you find happiness where you’re living now. I understand your feelings very much on the Gov.

(3:10 AM) Me: Hello.

(3:10 AM) Me: Thanks. Which feelings?

(3:10 AM) He: The American Gov………… corruption.

(3:11 AM) Me: Aye. Calling it merely “corruption” is perhaps too kind.

(3:11 AM) He: hahaha……

(3:11 AM) He: Yeah, that’s putting it lightly.

(3:11 AM) Me: Do I know you from somewhere/one/when else?

(3:11 AM) He: No.

(3:12 AM) Me: Ah okay.

(3:13 AM) He: was looking into renouncing my citizenship since they refused to give me a passport because of child support.

(3:14 AM) Me: Won’t work.

(3:14 AM) Me: It’s one of the conditions which if present can be grounds for denial of renunciation.

(3:14 AM) He: am hostage here even though I’m paying support.

(3:14 AM) Me: Yeah, i understand this situation. Didn’t happen to me, but I’ve modeled the possibilities. It’s damned ugly on the outside, must be fucking horrible on the inside.

(3:15 AM) He: Yeah, it’s though……… I guess I’ll run across the Mexican border for vacation and hope I don’t get shot.

(3:15 AM) Me: dubious strategy, without adequate preparation.

(3:15 AM) He: Thanks for the input.

(3:15 AM) Me: You’re stuck with your citizenship, most likely.

(3:16 AM) Me: Unless you can find a way to ditch it.

(3:16 AM) Me: Read the Nationality Act.

(3:16 AM) He: I’m searching.

(3:16 AM) Me: Where do you live?

(3:16 AM) He: Ohio.

(3:16 AM) Me: Big land. Moderately hilly.

(3:17 AM) He: Yeah, and lots of taxes.

(3:17 AM) Me: I’d imagine.

(3:17 AM) He: Thanks for the chat time………… the kids need tucked into bed.

(3:17 AM) He: thanks Mike.

(3:17 AM) Me: Can I have your permission to post this conversation?

(3:18 AM) Me: Without any identifying details?

(3:18 AM) He: Sure, just not my screen name.

(3:18 AM) Me: ok, your SSN is fine, but not your screen name, got it 😉

(3:18 AM) He: Add me.

(3:18 AM) He: Goodnight.

(3:18 AM) He: Thanks.

(3:19 AM) Me: You too. G’night, kids.

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  2. By Seth on 29 May 2009

    I’d told friends of mine about this…the #1 reason people get their passport slave papers pulled is getting behind on child support payments. I’ve read that there are literally thousands of men in America that fall into this category.

    So be careful where you’re blowing those “thick ropy loads” fellas! hahaha.

    And people look down on those who get their fix masturbating to porn…it’s looking like a better and better alternative every day.

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