Anarchoblogs rebooted!

15 January 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson has launched a spiffy new blog aggregator for anarchist blogs, called Anarchoblogs.

Check it out. If you’re an anarchist blogger, get in touch and get added!

  1. 3 Responses to “Anarchoblogs rebooted!”

  2. By DixieFlatline on 15 January 2009

    Man, that burns me up. I have been working on such for a couple weeks. Great name picked out too. 🙁

    Only so many hours in a day …

  3. By DixieFlatline on 15 January 2009

    OK, that’s cool. It’s not exactly the same as what I have been working on. Whew.

  4. By FSK on 17 January 2009

    I was looking into a name for my future domain. I did a “domain availability check” and now someone’s domain squatting it.

    Some registrars look through “domain availability check” requests and then register the domains themselves.

    I don’t mind, because I have lots of domains in mind.

    I submitted my blog to the anarchoblogs site and they didn’t list it. I’ve made a few such requests to various sites and had it rejected. I shouldn’t bother (or be offended).

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