The overlooked counter-economic component

14 January 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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From page 54 of the newly-minted ALLiance: a journal of theory and strategy, in Samuel Edward Konkin III’s “The Last, Whole Introduction to Agorism”, 1995:


An image of a portion of a screenshot of the article in question, featuring the item to which I desire to call attention.

Every issue in today’s press from Bosnia to Oklahoma City has an overlooked Counter-Economic component that AI [the Agorist Institute] can explore, compile and publish. Other areas can be excavated from the underground that will become issues once exposed and explained, an then there is the new battleground for agorists and statists: cyberspace, where cypherpunk agorist road warriors have an early lead over the Gore statist superhighwaymen.

You, ladies and gentlemen, are the new Agorist Institute.

Now quit goofing off, and get back to work.

  1. 12 Responses to “The overlooked counter-economic component”

  2. By Royce Christian on 14 January 2009

    Yes Sir!

  3. By Chris Lempa on 16 January 2009

    Thanks for the mention. That SEK3 article is great, I think that it should be required reading!

  4. By David Z on 17 January 2009

    B-b-but! It’s Saturday!

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 17 January 2009

    @David: Down, boy. You’re late anyway 🙂

    @Chris: Nice piece of work you put together there. I’m looking forward to more!

  6. By George Donnelly on 27 May 2009

    Why do I have to login to download it?

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 27 May 2009

    A bit annoying, but that’s a “feature” of the service, I guess.

  8. By George Donnelly on 27 May 2009

    Pls make a PDF available via open download whoever is doing this. Thanks. 🙂

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 27 May 2009

    It’s Chris Lempa’s thing… I’ve sent him an email pointing him to the request.

  10. By Chris Lempa on 27 May 2009

    Ask and you shall receive:

    The new issue will be out soon. . .I hope!


  11. By George Donnelly on 27 May 2009


  12. By Mike Gogulski on 27 May 2009

    I’m saying “yay teamwork!” here. Very nice. Thanks Chris!

  13. By Chris Lempa on 27 May 2009

    No problem!

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