Irish referendum scuttles Treaty of Lisbon, hooray!

13 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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It’s being widely reported that referendum results in Ireland on ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon will come in with a clear defeat for the agreement.

The Irish failure to ratify means that the entire Treaty is now off the table, since it required ratification by all member states to become law.

This also means that the relentless drive from Brussels and elsewhere to turn Europe into a federal super-state has suffered yet another setback, the last one being the defeat of the proposed European Constitution in 2005 by referenda in France and the Netherlands. This in turn means that plans for a unified pan-European military will be delayed.

Incidentally, this is a time to point out that while most voting — especially that which serves to create positive law or delegate powers that voters don’t have to representatives who will then lord it over others — should be seen as immoral, defensive voting of this nature, to prevent government doing anything but shrink itself, is to be celebrated.

I humbly suggest that all lovers of freedom and good beer hoist a Guiness today in honor of the Irish refusal to submit to Brussels. Sláinte!

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