Agorism’s axioms, per SEK3

29 January 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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  1. The closest approach to a free society is an uncorrupted agora (open marketplace).
  2. The agora self-corrects for small perturbations of corruption.
  3. The moral system of any agora is compatible with pure libertarianism.
  4. Agora in part is agora in whole; to a workable approximation, the corruption of an agora raises protection costs and risks.
  5. Agorism qua theory is an open system.

— Samuel Edward Konkin III in An Agorist Primer, ch. 7, pp 76-78

  1. 2 Responses to “Agorism’s axioms, per SEK3”

  2. By DixieFlatline on 30 January 2009

    While I think that agorism is the duty of every conscientious libertarian/anarchist, I don’t see it as an effective means of toppling the state.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 30 January 2009

    Your counter-revolutionary heresy has been noted 😉

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