8 March 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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A few years ago I was unemployed for an extended period.

When not updating the scripts I wrote (in an obscure but powerful programming language called WebL) which would automatically search all the prominent US job boards and automatically submit my resume and standard cover letter to all new positions that matched my search criteria (hundreds per day with a few clicks), I was playing Diablo 2.

Then I discovered Diablo 2 hacking, and set out to write my own hack which would automate one of the most profitable routines in the game, killing a boss monster named Mephisto for his valuable magic items.

Along the way, I had a few diversions. These included porting the ancient game rogue into the Diablo 2 environment — so that one could play an old-school computer RPG while the newfangled one played itself automatically — and eventually integrating some public-domain source code for a Unix version of classic Tetris as well. Tetris was especially cool, because while the bot was running in the background collecting magic items for you, you could load up Tetris and play… and when that became tiring, whack the “autopilot” button and let Tetris play itself as well.

After the big Slashdot article, which of course nuked the web host I was using at the time, I was contacted by TechTV (now G4TV) and invited to appear on their show, The Screen Savers, demonstrating my Mephbot as well as Tetris running inside Diablo 2. My segment of the episode was posted to YouTube about a year back, and is here for your enjoyment. Additionally, you can download the video from RapidShare (50MB AVI).

Want the Mephbot source code and compiled versions? Gram ’em here.

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  2. By OracleGD on 8 March 2009

    Rogue over NetHack? Really?

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 8 March 2009

    Well, Nethack was just too modern, ya know? Besides, when I started playing those games, Nethack was still called “hack”, and Rogue was usually found installed on university unix systems, too.

  4. By DixieFlatline on 9 March 2009

    That is just too cool.

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 9 March 2009

    @Dixie: Well, you did ask 😉

  6. By OldSchool on 7 September 2010

    Hey Mike, I remember you as Syadasti from blizzhackers back in the day. I came across your new website after searching for the mephbot source code. I was wondering if you still had the source available and if you could provide me with a download link. Also, out of curiousity, do you remember how long it took you to code this bot?

  7. By Njomnjomnjom on 19 October 2010

    Didn’t you want to post the sourcecode? 😛
    Or atleast the Bot?

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