Optimistic, individualist transhumanism

16 March 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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[T]he optimistic thinking […] holds that rapid technological advance will either be hastened by or result in massive increases to personal liberty with consequent or antecedent massive reductions in state (and all forms of collectivizing-coercive) power. Nobody can be made a wage slave, cannon fodder, a war victim, a serf, a slave, a taxpayer or a dependent, mentally ill subject with a dim grasp of reality if the technologies envisioned materialize. Today, the Great Powers of the World still hold on to power by ultimate virtue of the fact that the have The Bomb, and the other, lesser Powers of the world all ultimately bow to The Bomb. When everyone can have The Bomb for the price of a cinema ticket, together with AI-backed tissue regeneration, intelligence augmentation, nanotech matter-patterning devices which can turn virtually any lump of garbage into a nutritious meal and so on, individual power is on the ascent.

Originally posted by me as a reply to a discussion on Bureaucrash Social.

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