It’s about control, and any excuse will do

17 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Remember back in the day when they told us that they’d never, never use any of those shiny new “for your own safety” seat belt laws as “primary offenses”? That people wouldn’t get pulled over merely for risking their own lives, but that it could only be applied if there was some other justified cause for a traffic stop?

You didn’t really believe them, did you?

The headline here is wrong…

From WTVY News 4, Dothan, Alabama:

Taser Hit Leaves Drug Suspect in Critical Condition

Taser Hit Leaves Seat Belt Suspect in Critical Condition

There, fixed that for you.

A routine traffic stop for a seatbelt infraction on Sunday evening turned into so much more for Houston County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Reichert and the suspect, 27-year-old Nicholas Cody.

Deputy Reichert noticed a small bag with a white substance; Cody attempted to flee when the taser was first fired.

“Deputy Reichert asked him about the bag; as a struggle ensued with the subject in the cab of the pickup truck, Deputy Reichert activated his taser at which time only one probe struck the suspect,” said Sheriff Andy Hughes with Houston County.

At that point, Cody dove out of the truck and ran toward the Dollar General on Highway 231 with Deputy Reichert in pursuit. He then jumped a fence into the Tanglewood Apartments, and then the deputy redeployed the taser, this time both, prongs striking. During the struggle, Cody was hit with an additional charge.

After Cody went into respiratory arrest, Deputy Reichert , who is trained in CPR, along with another bystander, attempted to resuscitate the suspect with paramedics en route.

As of Monday, he is in critical condition in a Dothan hospital according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Hughes said, “I’m not satisfied that this came as a result of the taser. There have been deaths involving tasers across the country and most of the time, it’s been shown to be from a pre existing medical condition or due to the fact that the subject had previously ingested cocaine.”

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  2. By watercat on 17 June 2008

    I was pulled over for an improper stop. The cop looked right at the belt across my chest and asked me “Why aren’t you wearing your seatbelt?” Before I could even sputter out an answer he went back to the car and wrote me a ticket. The judge dropped the improper stop but fined me for no seatbelt.

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