Cops on the hunt: Bubaris acquitted

18 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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The news lemurs have been closely following the case of former policeman George Bubaris, accused of dealing a drunken, homeless Guatemalan immigrant a fatal blow and leaving him to die.

It seems the prosecution brought a rather flimsy case. Whatever happened that night, there really wasn’t enough to link Bubaris to the killing. That’s what the defense argued, and that’s how the jury decided. Having read all the trial coverage, I would have voted to acquit as well.

George Bubaris

George Bubaris

The Newsday piece repeats what made this look so damning:

The Westchester County Court jurors heard a fellow officer testify that Bubaris told him — on the night Perez died — that he’d gone out “hunting” or “looking” for the immigrant. And when word of the death spread, the officer testified, Bubaris told him, “You’re the only one that knows, bro.”

Still seems a rather odd thing to say if the man really had no part in the death, but we can’t know. Flawed though the state’s criminal justice system is, the rules against hearsay and circumstantial evidence are important protections.

It’s likely we’ll never know, now, what happened to Rene Perez that night after making the increasingly-fatal mistake of calling 911 when in need of help. If George Bubaris knows, he’s certainly not saying. And dead men tell no tales.

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