Liberty Camp 2009 – Slovakia

23 March 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Once again this year, the Language of Liberty Institute, with local partner INESS – The Institute of Economic and Social Studies, is organizing a Liberty Camp from June 25 – July 1. This year’s camp will be held in Martin, Slovakia.

Last year I attended as a regular dude. This year I’m going as a volunteer helper-outer, and will probably lead some discussions as well.

Those of you with the time might wish to check it out.

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  2. By peter kovar on 24 March 2009

    already lookin forward! 🙂

  3. By SIW on 25 March 2009

    Hello Mike!

    I am really keen to hear what your thoughts are for becoming a “Freeman of the land”. Have you ever looked into this and if so what are your thoughts on this?

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 25 March 2009

    @SIW: I’m not familiar with the expression, can you tell me what it means or where I can learn something about it?

  5. By SIW on 27 March 2009

    Try looking at some of these sites: (watch all the videos)

    Its basically becoming a sovereign individual where you take full responsibility for yourself. Doing this is the polite way of giving the government the finger. It does involve paperwork and LOTS of self study.

    I havent done it as I dont fully understand all of the information yet. Because everyones situation is different its difficult for me to understand the consequences of taking this path!

    It all sounds positive but it could be a very akward/tough/challenging path to take.

    Have a look at some of those sites and let me know what you think…

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 27 March 2009

    @SIW: Hate to break this to you, but if you’re headed down that road you’re in for a bunch of disillusionment.

    Among the ideas I’ve seen connected to such notions:

    1. The government, or its branches, are really corporations, and somehow thus without authority.

    Doesn’t matter. They still have all the guns and brainwashed hordes of agents ready to kill you if you step out of line. Slowly and legally, of course.

    2. “YOUR NAME” is not the same entity as “Your Name”.


    3. That through filing certain documents and making certain declarations, you can banish government’s authority over you.

    Governments claim authority over people primarily through two vehicles: territorial dominance and citizenship. While this authority is, in fact, illusory, no clever mountain of paperwork is going to distract the tax man or the executioner when your masters decide it’s time to pay up or die. See #1.

    4. Certain people have learned the magic secrets to becoming free(-r) or “sovereign” by invoking arcane legal incantations to that end. They are ready to charge you hundreds or thousands of your local fiat currency unit (or postage stamps, or specie) to teach you how.

    Follow their histories carefully. They tend to be batshit insane, and go to prison on a fairly regular basis.

    I could go on. My advice is, don’t go there. big waste of time, and could land you in hot water quite unnecessarily.

  7. By SIW on 27 March 2009

    Many thanks for that constructive feedback.

    Theres always been a lingering doubt in my mind about this path. I really like it in theory but theres little proof/evidence that this REALLY works. Whenever I have asked a question on the forums about certains things I am told to be careful and spend AGES studying the details myself. Umm, well I’m not a lawyer so I cant spend years reading boring law books.

    I believe theres better options than the Freeman on the land concept.

    I also believe doing something like this puts a target on your back!

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