A declaration of separation

8 April 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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= A Declaration of Separation =

==== To The Governments & People of Earth: ====
We claim the right to exist, and we will defend it.

We do not seek to overthrow anything. We do not seek to control anything. We merely wish to be left alone.

All we ever wanted was to live in peace with our friends and neighbors. For a long, long time we bore insults to our liberty; we took blows, we did what we could to avoid injury and we worked through the system to get the offenses to stop. That has now changed.

We no longer see any benefit in working through the world’s systems. At some point, working within a system becomes cowardly and immoral; for us, that point has arrived. Regardless of the parties in power, their governments have continued to restrict, restrain and punish us. We hereby reject them all. We hereby withdraw from them all. We hold the ruling states of this world and all that appertains to them to be self-serving and opposed to humanity.

We now withdraw our obedience and reclaim the right to strike back when struck. We will not initiate force, but we do reserve the right to answer it. We did not choose this – it was forced upon us.

==== To The Governments of Earth: ====
You are building cages for all that is human. In the name of protection, you have intruded into all areas of human life, far exceeding the reach of any Caesar. You claim ultimate control of our property and our decisions, of our travels and even our identities. You claim ownership of humanity far beyond the dreams of any Emperor of any previous era.

Understand clearly: We reject your authority and we reject your legitimacy. We do not believe that you have any right to do the things you do. You have massive power, but no right to impose it upon us and no legitimacy. We have forsaken you. We are no longer your citizens or your subjects. Your systems are inherently anti-human, even if all their operators are not.

We are not merely angry young people. We are fathers and mothers; aunts, uncles and grandparents; we are business owners and trusted employees; we are mechanics and engineers and farmers. We are nurses and accountants and students and executives.

We are on every continent.

This is not a burst of outrage; this is a sober declaration that we no longer accept unearned suffering as our role in life.

For long decades we sat quietly, hoping that things would turn around. We took no actions; we suffered along with everyone else. But after having our limits pushed back again and again, we have given up on your systems. If our fellow inhabitants of this planet wish to accept your rule, they are free to do so. We will not try to stop them. We, however, will no longer accept your constraints upon us.

– From now on, when you hurt us, we will bite back. If you leave us alone we will leave you alone and you can continue to rule your subjects. We are happy to live quietly.

But if you come after us, there will be consequences. You caused this because of your fetish for control and power. The chief men and women among you are pathologically driven to control everyone and everything that moves upon this planet. You have made yourselves the judge of every human activity. No god-king of the ancient world ever had the power that your systems do.

You have created a world where only the neutered are safe and where only outlaws are free. 

==== To The People of Earth: ====
We seek nothing from you. We do not want to rule you and we do not want to control you.

All we wish is to live on earth in peace. As always, we will be helpful neighbors and generous acquaintances. We will remain honest business partners and trustworthy employees. We will continue to be loving parents and respectful children.

We will not, however, be sacrificial animals. We reject the idea that others have a right to our lives and our property. We will not demand anything from you, and we will no longer acquiesce to any demands upon us. We have left that game. We reject all obligations to any person or organization beyond honesty, fair dealing and a respect for human life.

We will shortly explain what we believe, but we are not demanding that you agree with us. All we ask is that you do not try to stop us. Continue to play the game if you wish; we will not try to disrupt it. We have merely walked away from it.

We wish you peace.

==== To Those Who Will Condemn Us: ====
We will ignore you.

We welcome and seek the verdict of a just God, before whom we are willing to expose our innermost thoughts. Are you similarly willing?

We would stand openly before all mankind if it were not suicidal. Perhaps some day we will have to accept slaughter for our crime of independence, but not yet.

Your criticism and your malice are much deeper than mere disagreements of strategy or philosophy. You do not oppose our philosophy, you oppose our existence. Our presence in the world means that your precious ideals are false. Some of you would rather kill us than face the loss of your ideologies, just as those like you have either hated or killed every sufficiently independent human.

You present yourselves to the world as compassionate, tolerant and enlightened, but we know that your smooth words are costumes. Oh yes, we know you, servant of the state; don’t forget, we were raised with you. We played with you in the schoolyard, we sat next to you in the classroom. Some of us studied at the same elite universities. We watched as you had your first tastes of power. We were the boys and girls standing next to you.

Some of us were your first victims. We are not fooled by your carefully crafted public image.

==== What We Believe ====
#1: Many humans resent the responsibilities that are implied by consciousness. We accept those responsibilities and we embrace consciousness. Rather than letting things happen to us (avoiding consciousness), we accept consciousness and choose to act in our own interest. We do not seek the refuge of blaming others, neither do we take refuge in crowds. We are willing to act on our personal judgment, and we are willing to accept the consequences thereof.

#2: We believe in negative rights for all: That all humans should be free to do whatever they wish, as long as they do not intrude upon others; that no man has a right to the life, liberty or property of another; that we oppose aggression, fraud and coercion.

#3: We do not believe that our way of life, or any other, will make life perfect or trouble-free. We expect crime and disagreements and ugliness, and we are prepared to deal with them. We do not seek a strongman to step in and solve problems for us. We agree to see to them ourselves.

#4: We believe in free and unhindered commerce. So long as exchanges are voluntary and honest, no other party has a right to intervene – before, during or after.

#5: We believe that all individuals should keep their agreements.

#6: We believe that honestly obtained property is fully legitimate and absolute.

#7: We believe that some humans are evil and that they must be faced and dealt with. We accept the fact that this is a difficult area of life.

#8: We believe that humans can self-organize effectively. We expect them to cooperate. We reject impositions of hierarchy and organization.

#9: We believe that all humans are to be held as equals in all matters regarding justice.

#10: We believe that the more a man or woman cares about right and wrong, the more of a threat he or she is perceived to be by governments.

#11: We believe that there are only two true classes of human beings: Those who wish to exercise power upon others – either directly or through intermediaries – and those who have no such desires.

#12: Large organizations and centralization are inherently anti-human. They must rely upon rules rather than principles, treating humans within the organization as obedient tools.

==== Our Plans: ====
We are building our own society. We will supplement traditional tools with networking, cryptography, sound money, digital currency and anonymous messaging.

Our society will not be centrally controlled. It will rely solely on voluntary arrangements. We welcome others to join us. We are looking for people who are independent creators of value, people who act more than talk, and people who do the right thing because it is the right thing.

We will develop our own methods of dealing with injustice, built on the principles of negative rights, restitution, integrity and equal justice.

We do not forbid anyone from having one foot in each realm – ours and the old realm – although we demand that they do no damage to our realm. We are fully opposed to any use of our realm to facilitate crime in the old realm, such as the hiding of criminal proceeds.

We expect to be loudly condemned, libeled and slandered by the authorities of the old regime. We expect them to defend their power and their image of legitimacy with all means available to them. We expect that many gullible and servile people will believe these lies, at least at first.

We will consider traps laid for us to be criminal offenses.

Any who wish to join us are encouraged to distribute this declaration, to act in furtherance of our new society, to voluntarily excel in virtues and to communicate and cooperate with other members of the new society.

Free, unashamed men cannot be ruled.

We are The Free and The Unashamed.




  1. 27 Responses to “A declaration of separation”

  2. By TJ on 8 April 2009

    Just get rid of capitalism, the biggest enslaver of humans ever!

  3. By Vietnam Veteran with a Conscience on 8 April 2009

    I wholeheartedly concur! Unfortunately, the enslavers of human beings, are out there, doing their damndest to shackle and bind us into SLAVERY.

    people of the world, we must UNITE!


  4. By Donals-Darrel:Forsyth on 9 April 2009

    To be GOVERNED

    To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished. It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality – Pierre Joseph Proudhon (General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century) Click on FREE Movies and learn about your rights as a human being! Peace.

  5. By dogismyth on 9 April 2009

    Where do I sign up? I’d be more than willing to give this a try versus the current mindset and control freaks.

    Please contact me at my email.


  6. By psychegram on 9 April 2009

    This thing is powerful, and it’s influence will be felt everywhere. Universal in scope, unarguable in its principles, it is and will be a rallying cry heard across the globe.

    Asking where to sign up is the wrong question. You ‘sign up’ the moment you decide to start living your life in such a way. This letter is proof that you are – we – are not alone and that if we but open ourselves to this experience, to becoming co-creators of and full participants with it, it shall unfold before us.

  7. By Ken Brodeur on 9 April 2009

    Sign me up, eerr rather, I have been there all along and the control freaks are starting to get a BIG headache! Too many of us, too much infinite creativity for them to stop!
    Being a scholar of history, our time now is much like a worldwide version of the French Revolution, the ‘Ole Regime’ is about to go down!

  8. By Malone Ducklo on 9 April 2009

    i was glad to see you identify the problem as being antihuman. most think this a disagreement between between people, when it is ultimately a disagreement between people and something other. those who serve this something other are known as The Elite, The Elect, The Chosen, The Few. they are actually traitors to the human race and should be named as such.

  9. By JT on 9 April 2009

    @ TJ

    “Just get rid of capitalism, the biggest enslaver of humans ever!”

    So is communism any better? I think not. It is not just one system the seeks control over you/me/us, it is many. Politics is just methods/tools . Also , we don’t have to get rid of any of it , just stop being a part of it yourself . I think you missed the point of the declaration dude .

  10. By TC on 9 April 2009

    Yawn. Verbal masturbation at best. It carries about as much impact as a fart in an elevator and will be regarded with same blase annoyance by those who read it. If I were to guess it was written by an angry teenager alone in their room one night and they think its farking brilliant. You should have a pathetic little rally down at city hall, get pepper sprayed, have your friends film it, and then post it to youtube. Go do your taxes. We are watching you.

  11. By JT on 9 April 2009


    “Yawn. Verbal masturbation at best. It carries about as much impact as a fart in an elevator and will be regarded with same blase annoyance by those who read it. If I were to guess it was written by an angry teenager alone in their room one night and they think its farking brilliant. You should have a pathetic little rally down at city hall, get pepper sprayed, have your friends film it, and then post it to youtube. Go do your taxes. We are watching you.”

    Then go verbally masturbate somewhere else if you don’t like what you read here, boy. Preferably in an elevator to hell that you farted in after you jerked off in it. Just don’t be watching me while you do, you faggot. Guess who’s not doing their taxes that go towards paying you to beat off? How about a kick in the balls . Oh sorry , you don’t have any , Chickenshit.

  12. By Ted Bagg on 9 April 2009

    “Be excellent to each other!” Self-organizing, really a better term, a better concept, than anarchist. The legitimacy of every human institution is provisional, conditioned by a contract (explicit or otherwise) among those who constitute it.

  13. By Steve on 9 April 2009

    Who does the earth belong to? Why can’t those who are willing to be left alone, (to neither want anything from the existing structures, nor give anything to them), do so? Why are people who grow marihuana plants (Rick Simpson, Run from the cure, on Youtube) in order to heal themselves from cancer, not allowed to do so, and are treated like criminals? Why are free energy researchers like Mylow (PESWiki, Allan Sterling) being visited by a man in black who takes his magnetic motor from him? By what authority do these people do these things when no-one is harmed, but rather benefited by such well meaning people? Whose world is this, does it not belong to us all?

  14. By LZ on 9 April 2009

    GREAT! Let’s do this!

  15. By Ian deMontfort on 9 April 2009

    I am proud to openly agree with the stated opinions written down in the above declaration.

  16. By Roy Parker on 9 April 2009

    The people of the world are awakening. The powers that be know this. the tighter they hold on to power, the more people squeeze out from under their evil grasp.
    We need to shake them up, we should try and get the populace of the world to stop buying, renting, paying bills, or spending money in any form for two weeks. Then things will change. If not for the better, then the next strike should last one month. Money is their God, deprive them of it and watch how we take back power.

  17. By JT on 9 April 2009

    @ Steve

    Another question you should ask: Who belongs to the Earth? You came from it , You go back into it.

  18. By S. on 9 April 2009

    Good shit.

  19. By Sachi on 10 April 2009

    Someone already said this same thing with much less pomp-
    Tune in
    Turn on
    Drop out

  20. By Nicole on 10 April 2009

    I think it’s beautiful. It’s really exciting to see this.

  21. By clint on 10 April 2009

    perhaps a little civil emancipation is in order. stop empowering (with your cash & vote) representative to make your most important decisions & start creating a way to make those choices your self.

  22. By tommy best on 10 April 2009

    It is fantastic to see this declaration of independence from the gathering global facist state, non compliance and a genuine love for HUMANITY is the way . These genocidal control freaks have had it all there own way for far to long, humanity is wakeing up< but i dont think rioting/anger is the way foward, that is what they want, to impose an even more DRACONIAN clamp down. Look at what Gandi achieved
    I have always been a free soverin human being, no one gave me this right and no one can take it away,
    Count me in!

  23. By Mike Coll on 11 April 2009

    The system is a controlling madhouse.The governments are absolutely insane,with a long vile history of lies,deceit,oppression,and tremendous bloodletting.Take a look over there in Iraq, 1.7 million Iraqis died from the sanctions against them,refusing them, water,medicines,food,etc.Its called mass murder! Another 1 million have died from the illegal war of aggression, just pure madness. When Christ walked the earth he told his fleshly brothers that the world could not hate them, the reason being is because they were a part of the world, they went along with the world, they are accepted members, work , pay taxes, vote, and you are an accepted member. So Christ finishes with but me it hates because I testify that its works are evil. He was a great truth teller, the authorities hated him,He let them know that they were frauds, that they were liars, that they were hypocrites,that they were extortionists.He did not regard the positions of men, while teaching his disciples he told them the gentile rulers love to lord it over the peoples,He was a target, no one ever spoke like this man, the authorities were incensed, filled with rage and murder.If any man wants follow the living God He must walk in the footsteps of Christ and condemn the evil, condemn this unjust oppressive system as the disgrace that it is.The authorities control the masses through Phoney politics, greedy commerce, and false hypocritical religion, naturally also through fear,intimidation, lies, propaganda, patriotic news,patriotic religion the great flag wavers.

  24. By Tim Schmidt on 14 April 2009

    Hear hear! Any self-organizers wanting to network contact me at timotheoschmidt(at) – Tim, Cape Town. Deep appreciation to those who are not in the trance anymore.

  25. By the huntress on 14 April 2009

    Yes the world’s populace are awaking……Exciting times we live in, count me in timothe……been on this path for a great many years……always willing to meet up with like minded individuals.

  26. By CAROL DEWEY on 15 June 2009

    This world system “will” fail totally at some future date; probably within the lifetime of most people alive today. When it fails, those that survive will be those who are not a part of this system. They are those who are working in and buying from the self-employed and cooperatives — employee-owned community businesses including banks, department stores, grocery stores, medical clinics; every kind of business any community needs to support the local people. Businesses are kept small, growing only as large as their local community can support. They also have a local currency and make loans with no interest.

    Local cooperatives network with other cooperatives around the world; buying from and selling to each other, in a grassroots, global, free market. This is already going on to some extent in every country and has been rapidly expanding since the global economic meltdown.

    This grassroots system is made up of people like us who “live in this world system, but take no part in it.” It is a waste of our time to attempt to reform or destroy our big governments, our big business economies, our big educational systems or our big religions. They will not permit us to reform them and they will all self-destruct when the world system they are a part of, self-destructs. Just leave them alone and stay out of their way.

    Stay small and unthreatening. Start your own business, make a good and honest living, network with those who are like minded, and have a good life.

  27. By Richard Schleider on 27 July 2009

    Knowing is power, understanding is wisdom. Do the research and discern for yourself. Look beyond corporate mainstream media.

    To those humans in whom I have faith: I wish suffering, being forsaken, sickness, maltreatment,and humiliation. I wish they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self contempt, the torture of self-mistrust and the misery of the vanquished. I have no pity for them because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not. That one endures.

  28. By Syd on 18 October 2009

    if there is more information i would like to know please.

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