Ireland: We [sic] can’t afford these tax exiles

10 April 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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A letter to the Editor of the Irish Independent online:

We can’t afford these tax exiles

Monday March 30 2009

It is called ‘an Irish solution to an Irish problem’, ‘the ultimate escape plan’, and reinforces the notion that ‘only little people pay tax’. That is, moving offshore to escape the clutches of the Irish tax authorities. This needs to be stopped now.

Ireland needs to adopt the American tax system whereby an Irish citizen would have to renounce his citizenship before he could move abroad to with his cash.

We need a law that will tax the assets of those who leave for good on their way ‘out the door’, as if they were selling their assets, and a provision needs to be put in place that would tax Irish heirs on amounts given or left to them by ex-Irish citizens. Taxing the recipient instead of the donor would make it harder to get around any new tax laws.

Ireland Inc could never afford these tax exile prima donnas. In the current economic climate they need to be told that if they are not prepared to be part of the solution, they will no longer be allowed to be part of the problem.

To remove their citizenship and require them to apply for a ‘tourist visa’ to visit Ireland might concentrate their minds.

We can no longer afford freeloaders in our society.

Mick Murphy

Model Farm Road, Cork

Of course, one of the immediate and appropriate responses to a screed like this is, “‘We’, who?”

Would that be the “we” which excludes all Irish tax slaves who recognize, rightly, that taxation is theft?

Would that be the “we” which excludes all the remaining Irish tax slaves who make every effort to “cheat” the taxman by underreporting, claiming legally impermissible deductions, etc.?

Would that be the “we” which excludes all the remaining Irish tax slaves who structure their investments, businesses and other economic activities such as to legally reduce the amount of tax they pay?

Would that be the “we” which excludes all the remaining Irish tax slaves who, knowing that they could do more for the State, consistently fail to send in extra “donations” to the government alongside their tax extortion payments?

Would that be the “we” which excludes all the remaining Irish tax slaves who — Catholic, Protestant or neither — consistently engage in the democracy’s sacrament, voting, with an eye toward electing candidates who promise to reduce their taxes?

That’s right, Mick Murphy, you go. You watch a few of your fellow slaves attempt to shed the yoke, and instead of rallying for freedom, call out to your masters to make the yokes heavier. You’re a goddamned hero.

  1. 7 Responses to “Ireland: We [sic] can’t afford these tax exiles”

  2. By brmerrick on 11 April 2009

    Mr. Murphy ought to elaborate on the moral code he’s adopted that gives him say over someone else’s money. In the meantime, all Irishmen ought to follow the example of their favorite sons, U2, and start moving their assets elsewhere. Bono may be a hypocrite for doing so, but his actions speak louder than Mr. Murphy’s words.

  3. By John on 11 April 2009

    He probably approves of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s villification of supposed “non-cooperative tax havens”:

  4. By Seth on 11 April 2009

    Always entertaining to watch slaves attack their fellow slaves who dare to seek freedom from the slave-master government.

    It’s slave-tastic!

  5. By Irish Liberty Forum on 27 April 2009

    Yes, just forget about the years of inefficiency, incompetence and gombeenism by successive irish governments, and focus on the real crooks – the tax dodgers.

    All that money should go to those who deserve it most – the banks.

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 27 April 2009

    @Irish Liberty Forum: Roflcopter. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is truly king.

  7. By eye-of-wisdom on 8 December 2010

    evading tax has no relevence on
    the fate of ireland…and if a group of people who have zero funds think its right
    to tax others to pay for their stupidity
    then they are no better than a commie tw*t
    or a labour voter (an idiot by proxy).
    Taxation is nothing less than THEFT,
    and was practiced by so called monarchs
    and religions, later to be adopted by
    so called democracy…it is a smokescreen
    of illusion, because a vast amount of money
    is creamed off and will never go back into
    circulation, meaning that the banks can
    permenantly perpetuate INFLATION, because its
    the only way to keep them in power and wealth
    because banking is a PYRAMID SCHEME,
    and if they cant control the flow of money
    then they are ruined.
    Its easier than you think to solve this but requires co-operation of the whole of society
    and thats the problem too! Ireland has been set up like the rest of europe for a downfall
    followed by a collosol “loan” which will not
    help ireland at all ….it will put them in
    permenant debt forever…in debt to the theiving bankers who dont have the money to
    lend,but charge interest first… I dont beleive that all irish people are thick,
    but why did the irish gov sign its own death warrant? bribery and corruption is your enemy
    not the tax-dodgers, take a good look at whos
    in gov, and how they got there, and what they
    have acheived, and you shall find the answer.

  8. By zimtran on 7 April 2011

    Murphy is a turkey who thinks he ‘owns’ people. Screw him and all the other petty dictators !

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