To be housed, and rehoused

15 April 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Last July I blogged the story of Sydney Davis of Swindon, England, who was arrested for “possession of an offensive weapon” or some silly thing when police observed him carrying a piece of wood and chasing off delinquent teenagers who had been pelting his house with rocks.

No, your home isn’t your castle, and you’re not allowed to defend it, either. At least not in the UK in the year 2008.

The charges against Mr. Davis were later dropped.

In late February, Davis’s son, Jimmy, set fire to his own bedroom. Why?

His mother Pauline Davis, 43, said: ‘We keep speaking to him asking him why he did it and he said “because I want to move, mum”.

Jimmy is scared to go outside because of all the youths that hang around on the estate.

‘He burnt the bedroom down because he wants to move and he wants to move because those kids throw stones at the windows. It’s been a living nightmare for us and for Jimmy.’

Tragedy upon tragedy for this family.

Something that really caught my eye, though, in the Daily Mail article, was in the first photo caption:

He did it in the hope the family would be rehoused away from the yobs who have been tormenting the family

The use of the passive voice here just sends shivers down my spine…

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