May Day reflections on a year of bloggery

1 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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1 May 2009 marks’s first anniversary! It was a year ago today that the site went live, with my very first post, Stateless: “It’s great being free”.

I started the site, really, as my own soapbox, primarily intended to be a platform for publicity around my renunciation of US citizenship. Early on I did a lot more writing than I have been lately. Looking back in the archives will show up to 3 posts per day, back in the day, a lot of it reaction to current events. These days my level of engagement with the news has fallen to roughly zero, as it tends to every few years. Now, three posts in a week is a busy time around here. What the future holds is unclear, though I will make one promise: later this year, probably in the summer, there will be a semi-dramatic, fully-anarchist event starring — who else? — me, captured on video and posted here. Stay tuned!

What I did not expect when I joined the blogosphere was to become so much more engaged as a libertarian and anarchist. I did not expect to meet, make the acquaintance and even become friends with so many worthwhile, interesting people. This, truly, is a greater reward than I ever imagined. Thanks to all of you!!!

Significantly, became (barely) self-funding in March 2009.

Some statistics, aggregating a year’s worth of data from Google Analytics and other data sources:

Unique visits: 64,381
Pageviews: 103,868
Visitors: 52,749
RSS subscribers: at least 120, counting only those using web-based readers

Top 5 countries, by number of visits:
United States: 45,149
Canada: 4,436
United Kingdom: 3,981
Slovakia: 1,334
Germany: 998

Top content, view count and top referrers thereto:

US government announces new logo: 24,288 (StumbleUpon)
The clown suit defense, and the excuses of symbols: 8,424 (StumbleUpon)
A declaration of separation: 4,141 (,
I surrendered my US passport today: 3,872 (reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon)
The penalty is always death: 2,488 (StumbleUpon)
Press release: 2,267 (various)
Fuck the troops!: 2,034 (various)
An anarchist’s declaration: 1,911 (various)
Free Janine! And all political prisoners!: 1,878 (reddit)
Lèse majesté: 1,755 (StumbleUpon)

  1. 6 Responses to “May Day reflections on a year of bloggery”

  2. By ogd on 1 May 2009


  3. By Royce Christian on 1 May 2009

    Hope I’m not too late with the congratulations. I’ve been out of things for a while.

    On a side note, I reckon I need to spend about an hour clicking links to for about an hour until I can out-rank Germany.

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 1 May 2009

    Thanks, Royce! But don’t go crazy here… I mean, Heute Deutschland, Morgens…?

  5. By Royce Christian on 1 May 2009

    No problem. Just excuse my poor writing and editing. In my defence, it is very late, and I’m very tired.

    Tomorrow? Slovakia.

    Thank Christ for google translator.

  6. By Kent McManigal on 3 May 2009

    Congrats! Has it only been a year? Seems like you have been around much longer than that.

    I subscribe via “Bloglines” so I’m not sure it shows up in your stats.

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 3 May 2009

    @Kent: Just a year of, though you might have seen my name in places a few months prior to me setting up the site, as I got a bit involved beforehand in commenting on blogs and forums and such.

    For bloglines stats I get an entry in my “Wassup” plugin’s display like this: 2009-05-03 06:41:33
    Referrer: Direct hit

    * User Agent: Bloglines/3.1 (; 8 subscribers)

    * FEEDREADER: Bloglines
    * SUBSCRIBER(S): 8

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