On Power #2

30 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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William Gillis writes:

Power is a social psychosis; a manner of thinking that constricts thought and action for its own sake. So that all who engage in its machinations are left marionettes of their own roles. It stems from a disinterest in active engagement and a longing for a security of mind that might as well be death.


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  2. By Aaron Kinney on 1 July 2008

    Ive often thought about that concept, how when the one with power enslaves another, he himself becomes enslaved by his own power. The more time you spend controlling other peoples lives and actions, the less time you can spend tending to your own.

    Both become enslaved by the very idea of power.

    Although I would certainly admit that the enslavement may not be equal, or equally painful to both parties. We all know that those who are enslaved by their own power often times relish in it.

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