Fake solidarity; false choice

1 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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If you sat down in a nice-looking, ostensibly respectable restaurant and opened the menu to find that only bullshit, horseshit and dogshit were on offer, which would you choose?

Or would you choose not to eat there at all?

For the benefit of which privileged classes would you like to bully strangers today?

For the benefit of which privileged classes would you like to bully strangers today?

Cute, isn’t it, the way propaganda works?

A lot of well-meaning, gentle folks will look at a poster like this and think they’re being presented with a choice among competing priorities: education, agriculture, or technology?

Precious few will look and see the robbery that is taxation. Perhaps fewer still will see the false choice in being able to select from a limited menu of privileged classes: parents of school-aged children, textbook publishers, teachers and others involved in the “education” industry; farmers, agribusiness, pesticide producers and the giant industrial manufacturers of agricultural machinery; or technophiles, those wealthy enough to enjoy the benefits of modern telecommunications and the corporate interests behind the telecoms wallowing already in a century of robbery-subsidized privilege? Maybe only a handful will recognize that government monies are never “invested”, but rather are stolen from taxpayers and bestowed upon politically-connected, privileged classes. Perhaps almost none at all will notice the false choice, the presumption and attempted transference of moral corruption involved in the use of “we” and “our” (the linguistic situation is even worse in the Slovak version, which asks, “Na čo by sa mali použiť naše peniaze?“, placing the question into the passive voice: “For what should our money be used?”).

Few, indeed, will startle, perceiving that freedom is not on the menu.

I call bullshit, horseshit, and dogshit.

  1. 6 Responses to “Fake solidarity; false choice”

  2. By LA Hassett on 1 May 2009

    No kidding, man. This whole thing makes me sick. The only english-language news channel I have here in Slovakia is Euronews(maybe its the same for you) i.e the fucking propoganda machine!
    “have your say on European issues” blah blah blah…

    “Where should we invest our money?”
    Anywhere you like, but you wont get any of mine.


  3. By Seth on 2 May 2009

    “Invest”??? Bwahahahah!! Comedy gold.

    Now time for me to “Invest” in some lottery tickets.

  4. By JosephConrad on 4 May 2009

    The more US & EU citizens refuse to pay their taxes, the less the Rich Man’s govt. will have to squander on itself!

    US & EU citizens have a choice. They may pay their taxes & get nothing for doing so OR pay NO taxes and feel good about themselves again. The Wealthy work the avg. citizen into abject poverty and exhaustion and then STEALS & WASTES BILLIONS IN taxpayer dollars.
    Time to stop the ‘Give-aways & start the
    ‘Take-backs’ Most have lost so much as a result of the WEALTHY 1%-ERS’ ‘GRAND THEFT’
    that they have nothing left to give. So GIVE NOTHING and be happy!

  5. By Aaron Kinney on 6 May 2009

    DUDE! You gotta photoshop that poster and remove the books tractor and dish and replace them with a toilet full of piss, a toilet full of shit, and a guys face covered in vomit. Or something similarly grotesque. Your restaurant analogy was the inspiration for this idea. Imagine seeing those photoshopped posters all over the EU!!!!! 😀

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 6 May 2009

    @Aaron: Ugh. “Mike learns to photoshop” almost certainly won’t happen before the election, though.

  7. By Doppleganger Pie on 8 May 2009

    @Aaron Kinney

    The problem is that that would lead those looking at it to think* “none of the above,” but for entirely the wrong reasons. The described “fake solidarity” implication would remain, and it is by far the most important one.

    Learning to crack text (perform exegesis) is a very important skill. I’m very pleased when I see people using it. Check out ; that guy has many interest essays on the subject and others (some related), like reality cracking.

    Anyway, good day.

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