Photos from the Liberty English Camp, Vrútky, Slovakia, June 2008

30 June 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Photos from the 2008 Liberty English Camp in Vrútky, Slovakia, organized by INESS, the Institute of Economic and Social Studies, and The Language of Liberty Institute.

Attendees came from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, and Slovenia.

Instructors/organizers/facilitators came from the USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Malaysia (more on him later!), Slovakia and Canada.

A grand time was had by all. These photos are mostly from student presentations during the camp’s final evening.

The quality is often poor, unfortunately. My camera does a rather poor job indoors, and has a slow shutter speed so there’s plenty of blurring, which can sometimes be amusing 🙂

UPDATE 27 May 2009: I have moved the photos to Photobucket.

  1. 6 Responses to “Photos from the Liberty English Camp, Vrútky, Slovakia, June 2008”

  2. By Peter Kovar on 3 July 2008

    nice photos, it was pleasure to be there. We had a good time, didn’t we? 🙂

    ps. you put “Poland” twice in the second paragraph.

    ps2: Did you get it? (you know what i mean)


  3. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2008

    Yeah we sure did 🙂

    Thanks for catching the goof, it’s fixed.

    да товарищ, I have received the microfilm and left your reward in the customary place. Česť práci, súdruh!

  4. By Peter Kovar on 3 July 2008

    rofl! look at the Rado-Andy photo. Rado’s expression looks serious 😀 and that levitating paper is amazing, too.

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2008

    Hmmm… Andy isn’t paying attention, and Rado looks like he’s thinking about stealing my kidney 🙂

  6. By Peter Kovar on 3 July 2008

    omg, will you stop it! 😀 i was about to go to sleep after finishing the book and now i gotta go watch the stupid charlie movie again! wuha! charlieeee, we gotta go to Candy mountaaaaain….

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