Cute torture souvenirs – Kisses from Guantanamo Bay

7 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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While we perhaps should no longer by shocked by the horrors at the US Guantánamo Bay prison, currently home to 280 “enemy combatants” and premiere American torture research center, it seems that the depravity of this hell on earth just goes deeper and deeper.

Injury, meet insult.

From the Daily Mail:

There are mugs inscribed with “kisses from Guantanamo” and “Honor Bound To Defend Freedom”.


The military keeps a tight hold on everything that is available in Guantanamo Bay and someone senior has given their approval for this disgusting nonsense,” he said.


“Inmates are offered three meals a day, but there are eight prisoners who have been on hunger strike for over a year asking either for a trial or to be set free.

“These men are force-fed twice a day. First they are strapped down with 16 different restrictions, including one that jerks their head back. Then a tube is fed through their nose and down into their stomach.

“The guards don’t always use lubrication and regularly use the same tube for several different prisoners without bothering to clean it.”

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