Happy Independence Day, serfs!

4 July 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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On July 4th, Americans the world over celebrate their independence, the birth of the American nation.

It is a time for reverence toward distorted symbols, for the worship of a mythological and half-forgotten history, for the celebration of ruthless, blind, racist exceptionalism and for the elevation of self-deception to the highest form of ironic art.

It’s also a time for igniting and exploding whatever pyrotechnic devices might happen to be permitted by the masters of one’s given jurisdiction. It is not, however, a time for pondering too deeply what those little explosions symbolize: the violent overthrow of a distant, tyrannical government intent on global empire and uninterested in the needs or pleas of its captive subjects.

Wherever you are on July 4th, make something explode — for liberty.

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