231 ex-Americans in 2008

8 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Via planadviser:

[T]ax concerns might be why […] retiring abroad is not something happening in waves. Several hundred retirees each year renounce citizenship. “It’s not something you see people doing in mass amounts at all,” [E&Y’s Cheryl Spielman] said. In 2008, 231 American citizens renounced citizenship (although not necessarily retirees), which was down from 470 in 2007, according to Ernst & Young, citing IRS statistics.

Bah, this is pathetic! Let’s get those numbers up, people! We’ve got reporting metrics to meet, here!

  1. 5 Responses to “231 ex-Americans in 2008”

  2. By Azrael on 9 May 2009

    Wheres the best places to live in the world anyways?

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 9 May 2009

    tough question. pass.

  4. By Azrael on 9 May 2009

    Pass lol. I heard Uruguay is nice.

  5. By Libby Snipp on 10 May 2009

    This is pathetic! On the numbers falling, I wonder if what’s driving that is the dismal economic policies taking options away from folks here in the so-called US.

    Regarding your Resources tab, would it be possible for you give us the “Cliff’s Notes” version (or just examples) of what each of the treaties means? You told me separately that it’s important for all 3 of the treaties to be checked. But just looking at the titles, wouldn’t it be a good thing if a country hadn’t signed the “Reduction of Statelessness” treaty in 1964? What would be the status of a Stateless person living in Canada?

    And even when all 3 columns are checked, it seems like there are some heavy consequences, as mentioned in your warning. It seems like some countries may respect / enforce UN treaties in different ways as well, and there is a lot to study.

    Are you happy where you are now, Mike? Why did you choose to live in Slovakia? Have you considered living elsewhere? If so, where and why?

    Thanks for helping us understand our options for maximizing our freedoms in our current landscape!


  6. By Mike Gogulski on 14 May 2009


    Cliff’s Notes on the treaties is a good idea. I’m putting an analysis of this on my list.

    And you’re welcome, of course! I’m satisfied with Bratislava for now. It’s not perfect, but I’m at home here. The choice was fairly random, though, see:

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