An attack on democracy and today’s electorate

18 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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From Ryan, “The New Anarchist” — new by self-declaration and new to me as well — in a footnote to “Search Engines, Warp Engines, Political Machinations“:

If enough people made it a big deal that trees should be purple instead of green, then a large enough vote would spew millions of dollars into that effort. That’s what we’re dealing with here. A lot of Americans think that some humans are just a little less human than others […]. It’s war, child-rearing, incarceration, immigration, you name it. There’s nothing more human than a straight, adult, law-abiding, Christian United States citizen.

In addition to thinking the new Star Trek movie — which I haven’t bothered to download yet — was “awesome”, Ryan also writes of symbols and of the self-tyranny of mind:

This is a new century, new generation. It’s the Information Age in hyperdrive. So, it’s possible now for more people to learn what Anarchy is and what it really represents besides overblown images of mass protests and violence. But it’s also possible for people to discover what ideas, concepts, social graces, beliefs, opinions and general knowledge keep them chained. The most immediate, most oppressive system is in my mind and yours. It’s the one that keeps all this static. We hesitate all the time because of outdated, state-induced, society-prescribed knowledge and systems of thought.

Well good golly, Miss Molly! Seems like someone else has learned to color outside the lines.

Welcome to my RSS reader, Ryan!

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