17 July 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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A few things that I don’t really have time to comment on properly:

Italy to fingerprint all citizens in order to avoid discriminating against the filthy, thieving Roma (gypsies). Ah, the smell of equality…

Australia introducing online “code of conduct”. What’s voluntary today will be mandatory tomorrow.

A fine essay entitled “Diffusion of reaction and obedience to authority” by Jerry Mazza at Online Journal. Worth reading.

Were the nobles who gathered round an earlier king to sign the Magna Carta striving, too, to silence The Voice of Authority? Has our time here on this planet, the evolution of our consciousness, been to free us from apathy, indifference, random violence, to see our humanity in the looking glass? Can we find that original responsive self or are we doomed to be robots?

Think about it. You don’t need to continue with the experiment. It is not absolutely essential that you continue. You have another choice. You don’t have to go on, soldier, politician, policeman, priest. You can always find freedom, original choice, in the space of your imagination, in your heart’s compassion, in the willingness, the courage to disagree. One might say your life depends on it, not to mention your soul.

Old news, but while following up on the essay above I read the Wikipedia page about the Milgram Experiment. Scary stuff and very instructive if you’ve not heard about it before. What was mind-boggling, though, was this news story from a few years ago, referenced in the wiki page:

From April 1995 until 30 June 2004, there was a series of hoaxes, known as the strip search prank call scam, upon fast food workers in popular fast food chains in America in which a phone caller, claiming to be a police officer, persuaded authority figures to strip and sexually abuse workers. The perpetrator achieved a high level of success in persuading workers to perform acts which they would not have done under normal circumstances. (The chief suspect, David R. Stewart, was found not guilty in the only case that has gone to trial so far.)

Do read “A Hoax Most Cruel“. Do it now. OBEY!

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