Alongside Night enters BitTorrent age, goes viral

30 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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J. Neil Schulman’s classic 1979 novel of agorist revolution through counter-economics, Alongside Night, is going viral.

Neil posted today on the Facebook group he recently organized to help support a campaign to raise funds to transform Alongside Night into new media, including a graphic novel, a feature film and a video game:

Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman

Worth reading; worth buying; worth promoting

J Neil Schulman (Las Vegas, NV) wrote at 8:19am

From my “Biggest fan”:

With the business news channels screaming “Inflation”, ever wonder what an inflationary economic collapse might look like in the US? Ever wonder, if fascism come to America, what it will look like?

Alongside Night is a Prometheus Award winning libertarian and anarchist dystopian novel by science fiction writer J. Neil Schulman first published in 1979. It’s fast paced and thrilling. And soon to be a major motion picture.

Official Website.  Buy the book if you like it.

Alongside Night on Facebook

“Enjoy! :D”   –Trishna321, who just pirated the PDF of Alongside Night as a Bittorrent download.

Besides its teaching value in the context of libertarianism, agorism and counter-economics, Alongside Night is also a ripping good story, a fast-paced adventure accessible even to teen readers, without pulling any punches. In my opinion, if you call yourself a libertarian and haven’t read the book yet, this is the time to do it.

Some googling takes you to Trishna321’s post on, where you can grab the .torrent file.

And, needless to say, if you read the PDF available here, sending Neil a few bucks is a fine thing, and will help get the ideas out to a wider audience through the current projects I mentioned above. Also worth pondering is buying a copy of Alongside Night from This has the additional benefit of raising the book’s prominence among Amazon sales rankings, thus pushing it further toward (what oughtta be inevitable) mainstream media attention.

Amazon offers both dead tree and Kindle e-book editions. The PDF itself can also be purchased through The perfect gift, and the Agorist Cadre will thank you!

And, when you’re done reading Alongside Night, why not pop over to the new online home of the Agorist Cadre?

UPDATE 14 June 2009: Author J. Neil Schulman continues pioneering the e-book world by releasing a free, ad-supported PDF version of Alongside Night at Grab your copy today!

  1. 6 Responses to “Alongside Night enters BitTorrent age, goes viral”

  2. By Aaron Kinney on 30 May 2009

    Digg it up!

  3. By Royce Christian on 5 June 2009

    With respect, AN acts as a great didactic novel, but it’s not particularly well written.

  4. By J. Neil Schulman on 13 June 2009


    This pirated torrent of the 1999 PDF edition of Alongside Night is not authorized by the publisher for free distribution. The distribution of this edition is in violation of my copyright. However, the good news is that responding to the demand for a free PDF edition of Alongside Night, has created a brand new 30th anniversary PDF edition of Alongside Night with a brand new cover and advertisements from various agorist and libertarian merchants, filmmakers, publishers, and organizations, and this new edition may be freely distributed by Bittorrent and on other websites. You can find the new free 30th anniversary edition PDF of Alongside Night by going to and downloading the new PDF: Alongside_Night_free30.pdf



  5. By Mike Gogulski on 13 June 2009

    Hiya, Neil,

    Looks like is the place to go. I was able to download from the top-most link there, but the lower one is broken at the moment. I’ll fix up this post to point there in a bit.

    Good stuff!

  6. By J. Neil Schulman on 14 June 2009


    Thanks, and all the download links seem to be working now.



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