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31 May 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Why do so many people capitalize the word “State” when writing about that favorite target of anarchist and libertarian attack in the English language?

What are we, German-speakers holding on to the old orthographic convention of capitalizing every noun? Monotheists who capitalize “God” or “Allah” while letting little-g inequality in for “the great god Zeus”?

Go anti-capitalist.

As Uncyclopedia says:

Capitalism is a philosophy of punctuation. Capitalists are people who believe that all words should be capitalized, no matter what the situation.

For instance, the sentence:

“This is a sentence.”

would be written this way by a capitalist:

“This Is MY Sentence.”

Decapitalize that bad boy in your writing; decapitalize it in your head; decapitalize it in your life. Or else.

smash the state!

  1. 10 Responses to “state and State”

  2. By Nitroadict on 31 May 2009

    I admit this is also a bad habit of mine, although latley I’ve more keen on using the phrase “state-society” to refer to statism in action (aka coercion), or in a physical & ideological manifestation in culture & individuals, rather than just defaulting to the use of the abstraction (‘the state’) itself.

    I think it’s time to call forth the massive regulation of caps use throughout assorted media, & force all keyboard manufacturers to no longer offer the CAPS LOCK button any longer.

  3. By David Z on 31 May 2009

    I capitalize “State” in a haphazardly German sense, when I refer to “the State” qua institution, I typically capitalize it. Not for any good reason, but just as a stylistic offset, really.

  4. By tunecede on 31 May 2009

    Didn’t think I was following any particular philosophy per se by not capping the word… I just don’t want to give them any special distinction. If I could ignore them completely I would.

  5. By Seth on 1 June 2009

    Mike, I think the parasite ruling class makes heavy use of neuro-linguistic programming to keep people mentally enslaved, so kudos for raising this issue.

    It’s been said that “The first step towards wisdom is calling things by their right names.”

    In that spirit, maybe you could create a “Devil’s Dictionary” section of the web site. Terms could be defined such as:

    state: n. Government mafia protection racket.

    Police: n.
    1. Criminal gang that sports uniforms.
    2. Slang. Crime Janitors.

  6. By Nitroadict on 1 June 2009

    I would go for something more descriptive, such as:

    state: n. a sovereign entity typically embodied by a territory created, monoplized, & enforced by coercion upon others involuntarily.

    *(see republic, democracy, oligarchy, & totalitarianism for additional reading)

  7. By John on 2 June 2009

    I capitalize State qua institution to emphasize its status as a God-like entity in the minds of Statists, especially those who wield its power. It is their religion and their idol of worship.

  8. By postnationalist on 3 June 2009

    I, personally, capitalize the word “state” when referring to the concept thereof, and decapitalize it when referring to a particular government. So, “State” is general or ideological, and “state” is specific or institutional.

    Similarly, libertarian socialist writers often capitalize “capital” (stop laughing) when referring to the force of the capitalist class, and decapitalize when referring to the concrete value of said class.

  9. By Libby on 26 June 2009

    Why do so many people talk about “the state” as if it were one giant monolith? Talking about the state as institution makes it seem more powerful than it is, and it takes away responsibility from individuals working in governments. I’d rather not give them that respect/ excuse.

  10. By b-psycho on 26 June 2009

    There’s a lot that the individuals in power agree on. It could be argued that this forms a comprehensive identity to their actions.

    I don’t see talking about “the state” as a measure of respect. To me it’s more like referring to a cult by its name.

  11. By Mike Gogulski on 26 June 2009

    @Libby: True. However, I use the term myself since it’s a useful shorthand.

    My definition from a Liberty Camp session today: The state is the mechanism for the exercise of (illegitimate, immoral) privilege.

    @Seth: NLP: A tool. Often used for evil, but still just a damned tool. Agreement.

    @b-psycho: True also, though there are factions and disagreements within the ruling class, and many of its members are motivated by good intentions. The rest are simply evil.

    @postnationalist: A useful distinction. No objection 🙂

    @John: Same comment.

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