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3 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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I present my audiobook version of Agorist Class Theory: A Left-Libertarian Approach to Class Conflict Analysis, based on the PDF found at

As one big file (MP3, 46m51s, 43MB):

Click to buy the book!

Click to buy the book!

Broken into chapters:

Someone use these to make a YouTube series and playlist!

If you are able, please download the files via BitTorrent, and re-seed them to infinity.

Text of my introduction to the recording:

Good morning, New Libertarian. Good morning, agorist.

The voice you will hear for the next 47 minutes or so belongs to me, Mike Gogulski.

I am a stateless ex-American. I renounced my American citizenship in 2008 and I have been a voluntary exile since 2004, presently living in Bratislava, Slovakia. As of this recording in May 2009, I maintain a website at, which you are invited to visit.

The words you will hear belong to all of humanity, but they were written by Wally Conger, drawing on the unfinished work of Samuel Edward Konkin III, arguably the initiator of the agorist theory. The book, Agorist Class Theory: A Left-Libertarian Approach to Class Conflict Analysis, was published in 2006, both as a free online PDF and in print combination with Konkin’s seminal New Libertarian Manifesto.

After a foreword by veteran analyst and agitator Brad Spangler and an introduction by Wally Conger, the book consists of nine brief chapters:

  • The Failure of Marxism
  • The Marxist Appeal
  • Precursors to Marxist Class Theory
  • Marxist Classes
  • The Agorist Critique of Marxist Class Theory
  • Libertarian Class Analysis
  • Radical Libertarian Class Analysis
  • Agorist Class Theory (and finally)
  • Agorist Solutions for Marxist Problems

I have attempted to read the text of Agorist Class Theory as I have it in hand. Any deviations from the written text – which you can find online at the website – are my own. In the interest of brevity and due to its referential density, the Appendix – entitled, “Cui Bono? Introduction to Libertarian Class Theory”, written by Konkin in 1973 – has been omitted from this recording. The Appendix is available in the PDF and print versions of the book, and is well worth reading.

It is my hope that listening to Agorist Class Theory serves to raise your class consciousness, and that you not only adopt the class theory in looking at the world around you, but apply it to yourself as well.

After listening, take action.

Agora! Anarchy! Action!

  1. 14 Responses to “Agorist Class Theory – audio mp3 podcast”

  2. By Andrew on 3 June 2009

    Pretty cool. I’ll have to give it a listen at some point.

  3. By MCLA on 3 June 2009

    Hi Mike!

    Glad to see another agorist audio release. DL’ed and now seeding. There’s a load of books at Invisible Molotov (pardon teh capitalisation?) that’s waiting to be turned into audio books. Have I mentioned you have a great voice? Keep up the good work!


  4. By David Z on 3 June 2009

    thanks again, Mike!

    If I ever make it to Slovakia, I owe you a pint (or three)!

  5. By Brad Spangler on 3 June 2009


  6. By Aaron Kinney on 3 June 2009

    I downloaded the mp3s but didn’t get a chance yet to download and seed the torrent. I will try to get that done tonight 🙂

  7. By Rob on 3 June 2009

    Awesome! I’ve sent myself the link to this post so I will remember to download it tonight when I get home. Thanks, Mike!

  8. By Black Bloke on 4 June 2009

    This is probably as good a place as any to link Roderick’s work, “Towards a Libertarian Theory of Class.”

  9. By Norman on 8 June 2009

    Thanks for taking the time to do these audiobooks. I have very much enjoyed them!

  10. By Mike Gogulski on 8 June 2009

    To all: my pleasure, and thank you for the warm reception and promotion.

    Anyone who would care to suggest material you think essential, which has not already been done, please post here or email me. I’m building a list, slowly, according to my own preferences… but I don’t know everything that’s out there.

  11. By Arto Bendiken on 9 June 2009

    Mike, may I suggest two immortal classics: The Politics of Obedience: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude and No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.

    Both would net you incoming Wikipedia links (I would add them myself).

  12. By Mike Gogulski on 9 June 2009

    I think I spotted a voicing of the Discourse at the other day, but I should check to be sure. No Treason is great if it hasn’t already been done… but damn, that thing is LONG!

    Noted for the records, though.

  13. By WorBlux on 9 June 2009

    The politics of obedience would be great, Marc stevens has already done and audio redaing of no treason by lysander spooner though.

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