The state and others respond

29 July 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Well, some of the responses to my letters seeking alternate means of identification have started coming back.

The Slovak post sent back a form letter listing the documents they accept. Worthless, as none of the options I presented were addressed. No big deal, I went yesterday and executed a power of attorney entrusting my friend with picking up any certified or “hand deliver” mail pieces I might receive in the next year.

My ISP basically told me that there shouldn’t be much call for me to identify myself to them, but that if I needed to then my driver’s license should be acceptable. Of course their letter didn’t address whether or not my Florida driver’s license would be, so there will be another power of attorney to handle that relationship.

Very likely I’ll use the same power of attorney to delegate authority to deal with my relationships with several other companies as well. The bank is the tricky one, as I’d like to make the power of attorney specify that my agent shall only be able to act in my name if I am present and assenting, perhaps with reference to an incorporated photo. I don’t think I’ll be hand-rolling that one, but will get some counsel.

Meanwhile, from the agency responsible for my visa, a somewhat incomplete but relatively soothing reply:

Oddelenie cudzineckej polície PZ Bratislava
Hrobákova 44
852 42 Bratislava


Michael Jude Gogulski

Trnavská ul. č.15
831 04 Bratislava

Vec: Žiadosť o informáciu — odpoveď

Vzhľadom na Vašu žiadosť o informáciu k prípadnému zrieknutiu sa štátneho občianstva USA, Vám oznamujeme, že ak budete definitívne prepustený zo štátneho zväzku bude potrebné, aby ste listinu o prepustení zo štátneho zväzku, respektíve o strate štátneho občianstva USA úradne preloženú do slovenského jazyka predložili na tunajšie oddelenie za účelom ďalšieho riešenia. Pokiaľ nenadobudnete štátne občianstvo iného štátu budete pokladaný za osobu bez štátnej príslušnosti. Vzhľadom na to, Vám bude v zmysle Dohovoru z 28.09.1954 na Vaše požiadanie vydaný cestovný doklad osoby bez štátnej príslušnosti a ten bude Vám jediným dokladom totožnosti, do ktorého Vám bude aj vlepený doklad o povolení na pobyt vo forme nálepky.

Z vyššie uvedeného teda jasne vplýva, že pokiaľ budete mať platné povolenie na pobyt a ubytovanie zabezpečené v Bratislavskom kraji je Oddelenie cudzineckej polície PZ Bratislava príslušné na uplatnenie si práva v zmysle článku 27 a 28 Dohovoru č. 206/2001 Z.z. o právnom postavení osôb bez štátnej príslušnosti.


Aliens’ Police Section, Bratislava
Hrobákova 44
852 42 Bratislava


Michael Jude Gogulski

Trnavská 15
831 04 Bratislava

RE: Request for information — response

Regarding your request for information on potential renunciation of citizenship of the USA we inform you that, if you are definitively released from the state bond it will be necessary for you to submit an official document releasing you from the state bond (or of loss of USA citizenship, as appropriate) in a certified Slovak translation to the present office for purposes of further resolution. So long as you do not acquire citizenship of another state, you shall be regarded as a stateless person. In that regard, you will be issued, at your request, a stateless person’s travel document as contemplated by the Convention of 28.09.1954 and this will be the sole identity document to which you will have your residence permit affixed as a sticker.

From the aforementioned it clearly emerges that so long as you shall have a valid residence permit and accommodations arranged in the Bratislava region, the Aliens’ Police Section, Bratislava is the appropriate body for the exercise of rights as given by Articles 27 and 28 of Convention no. 206/2001 Coll. on the legal status of stateless persons.


So, assuming that they believe I am the person in the photos of me they have on file and accept the other various documents I have related to who I am as valid, now I know where to apply for the 1954 Convention Travel Document.

Could be worse.

  1. 5 Responses to “The state and others respond”

  2. By Nick on 29 July 2008

    Sounds like the Foreign Police of Slovakia is on board with this. Color me surprised. I believe a congratulations is in order.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 30 July 2008

    Thanks, but I’m gonna hold off on the celebrations until I actually get the bloody thing 🙂

  4. By scineram on 31 July 2008

    Why are you trying so hard to be a libertarian martyr?

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 31 July 2008

    Divorce is the object, not martyrdom.

  6. By scineram on 31 July 2008

    What divorce? They will never give up their authority over you, passport or not, driver license or not.

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