Mocking teh vote, courtesy of CNN

2 August 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Aaron Kinney of The Radical Libertarian has gone and done a splendid thing by posting a justification for not voting at CNN’s iReport website. Since the site allows anyone to register and comment, I added my bit:

Voting for representative government is an act of violence. The only morally acceptable vote is one given to a referendum, and only when it is “no” to the expansion of government power or “yes” to its reduction.

Hundreds of years ago, bright people recognized that organizing society around a monarch with a “divine mandate” and hereditary succession was logically and morally unacceptable. The system we’ve inherited, democracy, changed nothing about the fundamental immorality of placing rulers above individuals, it merely altered the formula for stamping “legitimacy” upon them. Today, “democracy” is the God of politics, and voting its chief sacrament.

One day, I reckon, people will look back at this time and think, “gee, good on them for getting rid of the divine right of kings, but how silly they must have been to replace it with democracy!”

Mock teh vote!

Why not pop over, register, and do a bit of mocking of your own?

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