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17 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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So, two and a half weeks after quasi-neocon Lee Doren took over at B*reaucrash, the Free Agents Network had its official launch yesterday, with Jason Talley’s domain being re-pointed to the new website.

And I just put up a post over there introducing the Fr33 Tech team, which I find myself, er, leading, or something.

If it’s quiet around here, you can bet that I’m busy over there, largely behind the scenes.

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  2. By Jason Talley on 17 June 2009


  3. By NickyTheHeel on 17 June 2009

    Love the asterisk. From this point forward, that organization is a profanity.

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 17 June 2009

    @Nick: I took the time already just over a week ago to search through my online content where I have control, and did one of a few things for each item mentioning the accursed organization: delete the post entirely, unlink anything pointing to its websites, or put rel=”nofollow” into those links. If nothing else, I’m contributing to crashing B*reaucrash’s PageRank 🙂

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