The Price of the State

4 August 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Dear readers,

At the risk of a bit of self-promotion, well, here I am self-promoting a bit.

I’m very pleased to announce the unveiling of the English version of Cena Štátu, The Price of the State.

The website is an overview of the cost of the Slovak state, broken down into budget areas, with some added features:

  • What do YOU pay? — a calculator that allows taxpayers of Slovakia to determine roughly the level of their enslavement, with handy graphs and just a few easy numbers to enter.
  • Buy Your Own State — an e-shop that gives you the chance to fill your shopping cart with just those state services you want. Roll your own minarchist utopia or just can the whole thing and save the rest of us some cash!
  • If you can read Slovak, or just enjoy cool financial visualization diagrams, check out The Universe of Public Expenditures.

The website is an ongoing project of INESS, the Institute of Economic and Social Studies, a free-market oriented think tank based in Bratislava. My rather minor contribution is the translation (nearly complete, but hey, we’re live!) from Slovak to English. The folks at INESS do all the hard work.



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