Smokers thwarting the tax man one carton at a time

22 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Huh, I just noticed yesterday that one of the ads running on my site from is for cheap cigarettes. claims to be selling major brand cigarettes at damned cheap prices by most places’ standards. Ownership in Dominica, operating company in Moldova, prices in US$, payment via check, shipment worldwide.

US$20.95 for a single carton of European-standard Marlboros is a pretty solid deal, and the prices only get better from there. The last year or so I was living in the States I was regularly ordering similar ones from

L&M Classic Reds US$17.95? W00t!

L&M Classic Reds US$17.95? W00t!, which was based in the duty-free zone at an airport in Switzerland, but later shut down for some sort of customs and excise violation. As I recall, the domain name ended up being transferred to Philip Morris, who put up some kind of “Das ist Verboten!” page in its place, referencing how was doing something naughty by, uh… not complying with some stupid law or something, while satisfying thousands of paying customers.

I haven’t actually tried this company out, but considering that I’m paying €19.90 for L&M Reds here in relatively low-tax Slovakia, I might have to give it a shot considering they’re offering those for only US$17.95/carton. €6-7 off each carton, and I get the pleasure of learning a bit of Ukrainian in the bargain? How could I resist!?

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  2. By TheMerryMonk on 23 June 2009

    Thank you for smoking…and for preventing cancer!!

    Now… I’m not a smoker, because I’m not in favor of experiencing any more cancer than I can avoid. But hey it’s your body not mine and you own that body, not me. If both you and Barak Obama think the pleasures of Marlboros are worth the risk…. then who am I (a Monk) to question your judgment?

    After reading and greatly enjoying your website, I have reached the conclusion that you are a much wiser smoker than the US president is. Although this is unreported in the US press, the alarming truth is that Barak Obama has a terrible cancer of the brain. On the other hand, you have had the wisdom to buy and smoke tax-free cigarettes and you seem to have developed immunity to his disease.

    As you probably guessed, the deadly, contagious brain cancer that Barack Obama is infected with is called statism and your tax-free cigarettes are one ingredient of the cure. Do you think you could get EZ-Smoke.Net to send him some before it is too late?

    “What is this disease called statism?” someone might ask. After careful study, I have learned that statism is a very widespread, deadly cancer of the human mind that causes delusions and insanity. One distinguishing symptom that can help with diagnosis is that the people infected with it always deny that there is anything wrong with their mental functionality, even while they are doing the most ludicrous activities. So of course poor Barak denies that there is anything wrong with him.

    One of the more bizarre symptoms of statism is the delusion that when a human being becomes part of any organization called a “government” they instantly become a god. Another symptom of this disease is the delusion that mere mortals on this planet are morally bound to obey our “instant gods” and we are supposed to do what they tell us to do, no matter how ridiculous, time-wasting, stupid, murderous, contradictory, or evil those instructions seem to be. But the most widespread and most damaging delusion of this terrible disease is the delusion that we mortals are bad, immoral, and wrong if we keep the money that we have earned instead of handing it to these “instant gods”.

    When I studied this disease, I learned that these “instant gods” are really not much different than you and I. Some of them smoke cigarettes, and even though they like to call themselves “public servants” they are actually “public thieves”. To support their addictions they have to steal money from the people that really serve others and create value in this world. But the money that people like Obama steal from us to support their nicotine addictions is nothing compared to the amount that they steal from us for much more deadly and evil undertakings.

    The effects of this cancer is everywhere on this planet that governments exist. When we look at the mass graves that the “instant gods” wished for, we know we need a cure. We see prisons overflowing with inmates whose only crime is selling enjoyable substances and services to other consenting adults without the blessing of the “instant gods”. We can read the US government’s own study which says that antidepressants have become the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. Thus, we know that our fellow human beings want to find some escape from the insanity of this cancer…but the “instant gods” are locking up the entrepreneurs who are capable of providing at least a temporary escape. When we look at the sickening and inhuman atomic, chemical, and biological weapons that these fear-filled “instant gods” have created to use against other humans beings, we should know that these are truly dangerous, unstable, and very evil “instant gods”.

    The good news is that this disease can be cured by cutting off its lifeblood which is the money the “instant gods” steal from us to support their insanity. Every time we choose to give money to the “instant gods” we are supporting this life threatening epidemic. Every time we can find ways to avoid feeding the disease we are hastening the end of statism.

    By bravely choosing not to pay taxes on your cigarettes you have stopped yourself from knowingly being a paying accomplice to murder, coercion, and mob rule. Each time you refuse to feed the disease you are doing mankind a favor. By not paying to spread the pain …and choosing instead to create a mutually beneficial transaction with your money, you are not merely sensible and thrifty. You have done something far more virtuous than most people realize and far more virtuous than Barak Obama is ever likely to do. Congratulations!

    Every dollar you spend in a mutually beneficial transaction creates value for both you and the seller so you not only both come out ahead, but you might have just saved someone from one of our “instant gods” tax-financed bullets. The next time you light up, I hope you enjoy your cigarette. Unlike poor, delusional Barack …you earned it.

  3. By Seth on 30 June 2009

    Holy crappe, longest comment post ever?

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