Dear B*reaucrash: I quit

23 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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[Cross-posted from the B*reaucrash Social Forum since it may disappear when I delete my account in a minute]

Free Agents Network is up and running, and I’m coordinating the tech aspects of things for the group, at least initially. The new social network is in place, too, and growing rapidly.

It’s time for me to cut ties with B*reaucrash, so after posting this message I’m deleting my profile here. Interested parties are welcome to join me and friend me at You’re also welcome to follow me at my main site,, and if you’re interested in becoming a blogger for liberty yourself, take a look at the new thing I just launched, Freedom Blogs.

While I, personally, have lost faith, I do wish all those who remain here the greatest success in using B*reaucrash as a vehicle for the advancement of liberty. Liberty now, liberty everywhere, liberty for everyone, liberty forever.

Until we meet again….

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