Ya Neda!

29 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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If the Neda Soltani video is a hoax, it is an excellent one.

I cried for three hours, until I fell asleep, after watching it. I wailed like a child, completely out of control. I wanted to smash things and kill people, and right now. It bypassed all of the filters I use to shut out the horror of our reality in order to live as good a life as I can, and to be effective in reducing that horror. I got drunk out of my mind to kill the pain I felt. The next day I awoke shaking, drained and in shock. It took hours for that emotional reaction to clear and for me to get my mind back. And watching that video is still affecting me, at the level of my feelings.

And I took action as a result of my feelings. Immediately. Revolutionary action.

If that was propaganda, it was brilliantly executed. Whether it is or not, it is an excellent argument against any state anywhere and at any time.

That is all. Return to your assigned work allotments.

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  2. By L.A.Hassett on 30 June 2009

    I tried desperately to avoid watching that video. However, they showed it on the news and I couldn’t help but watch. It was truly horrific.
    Even so, as you say, if it was propoganda, then they have shot themselves in the foot.
    Who killed Neda?
    Was it the government? Was it the riot cops? Was it the Ayotollah? No.
    It was the system. The statist system that raised her from birth and led her to her death on the streets.
    She tried to play the game of democracy, but the house always wins.

    Smash the state.

  3. By Stephanie on 3 July 2009

    I can’t and won’t watch it. I heard about her death while traveling and was glad not to have to see the images on t.v. but instead to read a more removed hard-copy editorial about what’s been happening there.

    I want to say I’m sorry that you experienced so much pain as a consequence of watching it (and I am), but I suppose every experience like that affects us and that’s not all bad.

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