What Sort of Libertarian Are You?

29 June 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Presentation to be delivered to the Liberty Camp attendees in approximately 30 minutes.

Needs notes, but … meh. No time.

Powerpoint 2003: Download

  1. 4 Responses to “What Sort of Libertarian Are You?”

  2. By Aaron Kinney on 30 June 2009

    I’m a radical libertarian.

  3. By Seth on 30 June 2009

    Mike, you might want to consider uploading the powerpoint presentation to in order to make it more accessible.

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 2 July 2009

    Seth, do you think it’s possible that you might like to make my life a bit easier and improve the world at the same time by simply doing that yourself?

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 2 July 2009

    I am a libertarian SUPER SALESMAN!

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