The neuroelectric circuit

2 July 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Would you like to believe that you can free your mind — right now?


And we can do it.

Just do it!

Do it now. Do it because your country wants you to. Do it for… do it for love! Do it for… do it for God and CHILDREN and justice in your neighborhood. Do IT for consistency! Do it for philosophy. DO IT FOR AMERICA!

We can do it! Together! We can do it for fun. We can do it for PEACE. We can smash the state (and avoid collapse, mass starvation, conquest by hostile aliens, etc.*) before next Tuesday! We can create a voluntary society based on love and compassion. And we can do it for MASSIVE PROFITS!

Would you like an action plan to improve your life? Do you want to guarantee your retirement and your children’s future? Do you want to know just how EASY all this is? How you can make it all happen by accident? And all for the very special introductory price of $19.95?***

INSTANT SUCCESS — or triple your money back!

I would like to invite you, right now, to get out of your chair. Please: put down your laptop. Please leave your iPhone on the table. Please turn the volume WAY UP LOUD! Please start the music. And, please, get into your body — and go out of your mind!

Turn on, tune in, drop in. Drop in any time!

Shut up and dance!** Get off your ass and get on the path. The path to TRIUMPHANT FALLIBLE FRENZY!**** Arise!


DJ Misjah & DJ Tim, “Access”, X-Trax, 1994

Whatever you do, DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND WATCH THIS FILM (, search for “arise subgenius”). You have been warned.

Collaborators will be shot. Prosecutors will be transgressicuted. Deviation and counter-revolutionary talk will not be tolerated.

That is all. Return to your assigned work allocations and dwelling units.

* By reading this sentence you agree that neither, Rabbi Guano Infusion PhD. (deceased) nor Michael Jude Gogulski shall be held responsible for damages caused by reading this sentence.

** Seeing this footnote indicates your legally binding consent that should you lack the appropriate number of functioning limbs necessary for dance in your jurisdiction that neither, Rabbi Guano Infusion PhD. (deceased), nor Michael Jude Gogulski shall be liable for loss of life, liberty, productive capacity or future potential profit brought about by seeing this footnote or other means.

*** If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

**** Do not over-meditate.

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  2. By Anna Morgenstern on 4 July 2009

    Ahahaha. I knew the subgenii had to be involved somewhere in this whole thing.

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